The following story is from one of your fellow Rotarians.  We want to engage the club, so read the story, correctly guess the Rotarian and win a prize!  If there isn't a winner, the Rotarian providing the story wins the prize!  Send your guesses to Kevin at:  I've got two more stories in the pipeline and am working on more.  Send me just a few lines of a memorable life experience or brush with greatness and we'll work some Rotary magic on your life to include it in an upcoming Rotogram.
The Rotarian attended a one room country school; received an autographed picture from actor/director Ron Howard during the taping of the Andy Griffith show when Ron was age 9; played the French Horn in high school; was introduced to their current profession as a consequence of not being able to enroll in an overbooked organic chemistry class; has attended not one, but two Rotary International Conventions; has served on the District 6360 Foundation board of directors; has held every office in the Foundation and Club except one; and received important advice from a 1930's Lansing Club President to "First seek to determine what is the right thing to do.  Once you have that in your heart and mind, the path to get there will be evident, and others will help you."