The Next Meeting:
When: Friday, October 20th, 2017
Where: Lansing Center
Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Crippen, Jr.
Topic: "The Fundamental Truths of Green Zone Wellness"
Chair of the Day:  Jeff Crippen
Chair of the Month: Jeff Crippen
Invocator: Bill Guerre
Greeter: Tim Salisbury
Remembrance: Carmen Turner
Editarian: Helen Mickens
Biography for Professor Kenneth McKaye
In 1972 Professor Kenneth McKaye began his exploration of tropical ecosystems as a University of California Berkeley PhD student and was the first person to do a major research project using Scuba diving to study the ecology of tropical lakes.  As an Assistant Professor at Yale University in 1977 Ken began his research in Malawi where he has been pursuing research projects ever since.  Ken's interest in Tropical Ecosystems has focused upon fisheries ecology and evolution, human health, environmental management and conservation.  His research and community work has received funding from over 20 international and national agencies resulting in over 120 publications.
In 1979 Ken first worked with Rotary Lilongwe Malawi on a project to provide wheel chairs for those inflicted with Polio.  In 2004 he received his first Rotary Matching Grant to create innovative educational materials to help children understand HIV/AIDS and its prevention.

Then in 2010 - Ken joined Keyser Rotary Club.  At the same time, Ken is also on the Board of Trustees of two non-profit organizations (NGOs) in both Nicaragua and Malawi  Both of these non-profit organizations focus upon children's general education, the conservation of Lake Malawi National Park - UNESCO World Heritage Site and the proposed Nicaragua Volcanic Lakes UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Both organizations have been supported in the past by several Rotary grants.  Both strongly believe that children are the future stewards of our planetary well-being.  To this end - their programs focus on Health, Education, Environment and Economic Development - to improve the lives of children and their communities.  Indeed, they reflect Chief Seattle's belief:  "We do not inherit the land from our ancestors.  We borrow it from our children."
International Committee Accepting Project Grant Proposals
The International Committee is happy to announce that they are currently accepting proposals for international project grants.  Approved grants are normally between $1,000-$5,000, focus on clean water, education, or healthcare, and must be sponsored by an international Rotary Club local to the project or a 501(c)(3) organization.  The deadline for submitting project proposals is October 27th, and proposals can be submitted directly to Al Yambor at  Please contact Al Yambor, Jenn Dubey, or any member of the international committee with questions.  At the bottom of the Rotogram beneath DOWNLOAD FILES is the Grant Outline.
Editarian Report for October 6th, 2017
President Brewster called the meeting to order in as the Michigan Princess pulled away from the dock, with possibly the first-ever floating assembly of Lansing Rotarians. Scott Duimstra provided a reflective invocation and singing of a patriotic song ensued.
Gabrielle Haskins led the introductions of guests and visiting Rotarians; Carmen Turner reported the health of the club is WONDERFUL. Rotarians were reminded about the October 27th deadline for International Project Grant proposals and the District-wide event to End Polio at the Williamston Sun Theater on Sunday, October 22nd .
In lieu of special music, Dr. Michael Clark and Dr. Dean Sienko reflected on the natural disasters shaking many areas of our world and the shooting in Las Vegas with many killed and many more injured; they shared how the mid-Michigan region would respond to similar instances. While both felt confident in the structure that our region has in place to respond to a variety of situations, the reality is that mass casualties create circumstances that go beyond disaster preparedness. Our region has an EOC (Emergency Operations Center), a Level-1 Trauma Center (Sparrow) and first-responders at every level who train annually for the worst. Key takeaways: when you arrive at a large venue with lots of other people, take note of where the exits are – especially the ones that people didn’t come IN, as those are the first ones they will rush to when they need to get OUT quickly. Also, in the event of crisis, do what others across the country have done to step forward and help others in need – give blood, offer food - whatever is needed in the moments, days and weeks following the event.
Captain Christopher Chamberlain, our speaker (IF HE IS HERE, WHO IS DRIVING THE BOAT????), began by sharing the location of the 500 lifejackets that will fall for our use if the emergency cord is pulled, noted that the river is only six feet deep, the boat is 30’ tall, and that by the time it sinks, assuming you are on at least the 2nd floor, your feet won’t even be wet. He went on to share the seafaring stories of his youth, his boat-buying/building father, and the two versions of the story that led to the three vessels that his family currently calls the ‘BIZ (okay, he didn’t say they call it the ‘Biz, but they might). The legend begins with names like Loomis , Leadley, and R.E. Olds, and includes one dancing granddaughter, a dishwasher, one VERY long trip to get a boat home from Texas, airbags that roll a boat out of water for inspection, and a newly hired guy (the one driving OUR boat). Today, you can catch a ride with Captain Chamberlain or one of his crews in Grand Ledge (Color Cruise & Island Festival is October 13-15), Lansing (The Michigan Princess), or the big D (Detroit Princess – the largest of the fleet). They are working to add a boat in Grand Rapids, to cruise the river there. Color cruises, weddings, proms, class reunions, corporate events, holiday parties and more can be had on any one of these boats. Visit to learn more.
Thanks to Jeff Crippen for serving as chair of the month, though why he didn’t just RSVP our club for the craft-beer event that was taking place on the boat after we all got OFF the boat is beyond me. President Brewster closed out the program with a coin carrying the four-way-test for Captain Chamberlain and a note that a gift to support clean water will be made in his name. Join us next week at the Country Club of Lansing to hear Kenneth McKaye, Professor, Fisheries Biology, Consultant and Research Associate in Nicaragua speak on:  "Rotary Education and Conservation Initiatives in Africa and Nicaragua".
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Oct 20, 2017
"The Fundamental Truths of Green Zone Wellness" @ Lansing Center
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