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I once had a job delivering new cars.  On 2 occasions, I had to deliver 3 identical cars to 2 different Chief Execs of the same organization.  One delivery was in the 80's and the other in the 90's.  Anyway, both of these Chief Executives couldn't have been more different.  One was from the South with a totally East coast wife and the other husband and wife were Westerners.  Both Execs had very particular standards so the cars had to be "just so" or they would have rejected delivery.  They event sent their subordinates to my employer's place of business to make sure the cars were correctly and fully optioned before delivery (gotta make sure you get the tinted glass right).  One of the wives was particularly interested in the car's safety features.  One took delivery outside his office while the other took delivery at the "portico" of the Pennsylvania home in which they were staying (portico is fancy for porch).  Being busy executives, neither one of them even got to drive the cars but they sure seemed excited to get the keys.  The cars ended up being somewhat famous in their own right no matter how the organization or the Chief faired.  I'm just glad my employer let me hand over the keys.