Dave Trumpie led Kevin Schumacher on rotorcycling ride down the KalHaven Trail. Roughly 35-40 miles this past Saturday. The ride was punctuated with chocolate chip cookies, root beer and occasional stops at Kevin’s request to keep from dying in the 90 degree heat. If you’re interested in rotorcycling with Dave and Kevin, they’ll create a cycling tour that matches your ability level. No, this isn’t a new business, it’s just a way to get outta Dodge together while being socially distant at the same time. If there’s one thing these two are good at, it’s being socially distant.  Call or email Dave or Kevin and they'll show you how to ride in style.  180 style if we can get J. Moore to ride.  Kevin's email is:  Schumacher@glassenrhead.com and Dave's is:  Dave@trumpiephotography.com