Vol. 108, No. 31, January 30, 2024
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When:February 2, 2024 at Noon
Where:Lansing Community College, Michigan Room
Address:600 N. Grand Ave., Park in Gannon Ramp
Speaker:Barb Thumudo, Assistant Facility Dir. at Michigan State Capitol
Topic:"A Decade of Restoration and Construction at the Capitol" 
Chair of the Day:Matthew McGaughey
Reflection:Todd Gute
Chair of the Month:Matthew McGaughey
Greeter:Chris Swope
Editarian:Michelle Reynaert
Biography for Barb Thumudo
Barb Thumudo is the Assistant Facility Director at the Michigan State Capitol, where she plays a vital role in keeping this historic landmark up and running smoothly. Over the last twenty years she has shared the Capitol's rich history as an educator, and as a hands-on supervisor, she manages daily operations, including decorative surfaces, events, and the exterior landscape, all while respecting the building's rich history and architectural significance.
Passion for Preservation: Barb’s dedication to the Michigan State Capitol extends beyond just functionality. She takes immense pride in ensuring this national treasure remains welcoming and accessible to all while preserving its historical integrity. Her keen eye for detail and commitment to quality ensure that every aspect of the Capitol, from the grand halls to the manicured grounds, reflects the grandeur and importance of this symbol of Michigan's democracy.
Beyond the Capitol: Her passion for historic preservation extends beyond the walls of the Capitol. Barb is also the owner and manager of Kelmscott Chapel, a charming historic venue for weddings, events, and extended stays. Her experience in event planning, floral design, and hospitality management shines through in the meticulous care she gives to every detail at Kelmscott Chapel. Barb's downtime is spent enjoying travel and historical research.
February Birthdays
Stiles, CraigFeb 09
Calverley, StevenFeb 10
Park, KaylaFeb 14
Schuon, RickFeb 15
Sessa, ParkerFeb 16
Carlson, MichelleFeb 18
Cauley, AnneFeb 19
Sheehan, JustinFeb 19
Springer, DawnFeb 19
Umakanthan, UmaFeb 19
Moerland, DebFeb 20
Sanborn, DianeFeb 24
New Member Proposed

The following proposed member has emailed their application to the office.  If anyone has a comment on this proposed member please forward it in writing within ten days to the Rotary office, before approval by the board of directors. Thank you,

  • Ernscie Augustin, Attorney with Augustin Law Offices, sponsored by Raeanne Mardigian
Editarian Report for January 25, 2024
As I walked up to Lansing Brewing on a dismal rainy night after a long and busy day, I noticed the room for the Rotary Social Gathering. From the outside, it looked warm and inviting and made me want to walk a little faster to join the welcoming invitation the room sent me while approaching it. That moment made me realize how important Rotary is in terms of being a welcoming organization that connects people and opportunities in our community all in the spirit of making it a better place. You can just see it immediately.
After I walked in, that welcoming embrace carried through the entire time I was there. The social gatherings are such great ways to get to know fellow Rotarians that you may not have connected with before and learn new things about them. And, the food is pretty tasty too!
Our next opportunity to meet is at our Club meeting on Friday, February 2 at Lansing Community College. Our speaker will be Barbra Thumudo who is the Assistant Director of the Michigan State Capitol. Have a great week!
Email for Julie Pingston:  jpingston@lansing.org 
Feb 09, 2024
"End Violent Encounters"
Feb 16, 2024
Impression 5 Science Center
Feb 22, 2024
at Lansing Brewery from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.
Mar 01, 2024
"Cybersecurity - What You Need to Know"
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Meeting Responsibilities
February Birthday Chair
Stiles, Craig
Chair of the Month
McGaughey, Matthew
Gute, Todd
Swope, Chris
Reynaert, Michelle
Mardigian, Raeanne
Chair of the Day
McGaughey, Matthew