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We will not have a meeting this Friday, July 5th due to the Independence Day Holiday.  Have a safe and happy holiday.  Our next meeting will be July 12th at Lansing Community College West Campus on Cornerstone Blvd.  It will be a New Member Presentation, one of our favorites!

Editarian Report for June 28, 2019
President Dennis called today’s meeting to order with some trepidation on what was to follow with today’s Changing of the Guard program at the Lansing Country Club. The invocation was presented by Past President Jeff Crippen as a reflection on the Rotary year and why we are Rotarians. We sang our National Anthem in honor of the Fourth of July and a big thanks to Hari Kern for filling in on the piano for today’s meeting and keeping us on key!
Today’s meeting brought out a lot of guests including family members and the team from the Community Foundation in support of President Dennis. We also had a few guests who attended the Under 35 social event for Lansing Rotary on Thursday evening and came today to check out a Club meeting.
Diane Sanborn provided the Remembrance Report and the health of the Club is excellent!
President Dennis presented a red badge to Kelly Miller, Development & Major Gifts Manager for the Greater Lansing Food Bank.
President Dennis also reminded anyone with outstanding invoices for the second quarter to take care of them as soon as possible to help us close out the budget year on June 30.
The June birthdays were presented by Sandy Draggoo and Sandy reminded all Rotarians about the obligation to provide three annual donations to the Rotary Foundation which includes your birthday month. The June birthday Rotarians accomplished an 80% participation rate but we are always looking for 100%! The June birthday question was about why June is a great birthday month.
President Dennis thanked our Chair of the Month Jordan Sutton and turned the program over to Sergeant at Arms Kevin Schumacher.
Kevin began the program in honor of President Dennis Fliehman. To start off, the Club sang a robust version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” karaoke style for today’s Special Music.
Kevin then invited three contestants to participate in Rotary Jeopardy. Jeff Crippen, Julie Pingston and John Grettenberger competed in a robust game with the answers all revolving around President Dennis with categories like FAMOUS DENTISTS (because Dennis’s is too hard to say), 70’S ADULT FILM STARS, FAMILY TIES THAT BIND AND GAG, TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT and PRESIDENTIAL DOUBLE JEOPARDY which could only be answered by President Dennis. The show was interrupted by a commercial message from Crippen Auto by Orlando Gillespie and Alexandra Souser. After a few name changes and ridiculous answers with fun photos of President Dennis, Uma tallied up the scores and declared Jeff Crippen the winner! Thanks to all who participated in a fun filled send off for President Dennis!
In all seriousness, President Dennis was thanked by the Club for his leadership and dedication to the Club over the past year. President Pat Hanes presented Dennis with a President’s pin, badge and a commerative clock in appreciation of all Dennis did for Service Above Self to Lansing Rotary.
President Dennis thanked the Club and his family and his office team for all their support.
It was announced that there will be no meeting next week due to the Fourth of July Holiday. Our next meeting will be New Member Presentations at Lansing Community College West on July 12. See you then! President Pat declared his first meeting adjourned as our new President.
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