Next Meeting:
When:Friday, October 15,  2021
Where:The Michigan Princess Riverboat
Time:Noon to 1:30 p.m. 
Speaker: Captain Chris Chamberlain 
Invocator: Lolo Robison 
Editarian: TBA
Chair of the Month: Cathy Zell 
Biography for Vernon J. Mesler
Vern Mesler is a retired steel fabricator with thirty-four years’ experience working as a welder, steel fitter, structural steel foreman and materials manager at Douglas Steel Fabrication in Lansing. During eighteen years as foreman, he was involved in the fabrication of many of the state’s highway bridges and steel trusses for buildings such as the Breslin Center. In addition, he was responsible for the direction of welding operations for these and other structures.
Vern has over forty years’ experience working as an adjunct welding instructor at Lansing Community College. He created two welding courses for the two-year welding program and has taught basic and advanced welding, print reading for welders, and creative welding courses for artists. As a faculty member associated with the Business and Community Institute, Vern has provided customized training for industry, including industrial rigging and hot riveting. He has also served as coordinator for a series of annual Iron and Steel Preservation Conferences held at West Campus for the repair, rehabilitation, and restoration of metals, drawing a national audience of participants and presenters.
Vern worked for ten years to restore historic metal truss bridges for the Calhoun County Historic Bridge Park. For this work in the restoration of some of Michigan’s historic bridges, he developed restoration procedures for the repair of the original structural members, attempting to save as much of the original material as possible. An outgrowth of this work is the Iron & Steel Preservation Newsletter that Vern sends out to a wide readership, writing and publishing content of interest to historic preservationists and the general public.
Among the awards that Vern has received for his restoration work is the 2016 American Institute of Steel Construction Educator Special Achievement Award, an award that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated notable achievements in structural steel design, construction, research or education. It honors those who have made a positive and substantial impact on the structural steel design and construction industry.
More recently, Vern was the recipient of the 2021 General Tools Award from The Society for Industrial Archeology. This award recognizes individuals who have given sustained, distinguished service to the cause of industrial archeology.
International Committee Project Proposals

ImageIf you have an international project that you would like to have considered for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, then submit your proposal thru SlideRoom, the link is now active CLICK HERE

The application deadline will be November 8, 2021.

Nominations for District Governor
We have been invited to submit suggestions for nominations to serve as District Governor, to serve District 6360 in 2024-2025.  The person selected will become District Governor Nominee on July 1, 2022.  If you, as a Rotarian, are interested in serving, please talk to your club leadership about being nominated by your club.
Qualifications for nomination:
The person selected to serve as Governor Nominee shall, at the time of selection:
  • Be a member in good standing of a functioning club in District 6360
  • Have served as Club President for a full term 
  • Have been a Rotarian for at least seven years at the time of taking office as District Governor.
  • Demonstrate willingness, commitment, and ability to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of District Governor, as outlined by Rotary International.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of District Governor, as prescribed by Rotary International.
  • Submit to Rotary International (upon selection) a statement that the member understands those qualifications, duties, and responsibilities.
  • Agree to attend any trainings required prior to taking office as District Governor.
  • At the time of taking office as DG, continue to possess the qualifications required at time of nomination.
Deadline for submission of nomination is December 1, 2021.
Please contact President Sue or Cathy Andrews if you are interested.  If you have questions about what is involved in serving as District Governor, ask any Past District Governor in our District.  Email for Past District Govenror: 
Editarian Report for October 1, 2021
President Sue called the meeting at the Lansing Center to order. Bob Hoffman gave a lovely invocation, asking Rotarians to move into the future focused on our objectives for world peace, tranquility and freedom from hunger. He called upon us to reaffirm our commitment to Rotary’s Four-Way Test and to demonstrate high ethics in all that we do.
Rotarians sang The National Anthem, accompanied by John Dale Smith on piano.
Due to my duties as mic girl, I was unable to write down our guests’ names. And, given that the mic I initially passed around was dead (my apologies, Chris Holman), I only partially succeeded at my mic-handling and editarian duties. Janet Lillie introduced Ed Phillips as her guest, Todd Gute had invited his past exchange student, Minami Ito, Chris Holman welcomed Tara Draper from Treetops and Jacob Sabins introduced Tim Mustapha.
Diane Sanborn reported that there was nothing to report on the health of the club.
President Sue presented Jeff Crippen with two Spooners – one for the birth of his 4-month-old granddaughter Josephine; another for his 2-month-old grandson, Liam in Denver. Congratulations, Grandpa Jeff!
Diane Sanborn announced that the International Grants appeal was open and would be live in a couple of days on Slideroom. Approved grants receive $15,000 and matching funds. For details, email Curt Sonnenberg at
By a clever slip of the tongue, President Sue reported that we haven’t had any Rotarians Doing Great Things, then announced that on Sept. 30 at noon at Fenner Nature Center, the Family of Jack Davis was presented with Inaugural Keys to the City of Lansing.
For Special Music, Ken Beachler introduced Dan Ewart, who graduated from and has close ties to Lansing Community College. Dan paid homage to Robert Louis Stevenson, and sang in a rich baritone “Wither Must I Wander,” from The Complete Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson, and “The Vagabond,” from the poet’s Songs of Travel.
As both Chair of the Month and Chair of the Day, Cathy Zell, Executive Director of the Lansing Community College Foundation, introduced Bruce Mackley, LCC’s Director of Communications and Marketing.
Bruce narrated an awe-inspiring presentation on the transformative appeal of public art and how it intersects with the Lansing Community College brand. He tipped his hat to former LCC President Brent Knight – who spent the better part of his career studying placemaking – and whose vision throughout LCC’s campus was realized in the form of reinvented interior spaces – hallways, classrooms and social spaces, for example – unexpectedly featuring graphics, displays and stories that raise awareness, encourage conversations between students and staff, have positive, limitless effects on the institutions’ brand integrity, and help the college recruit and retain students.
Next Friday, Oct. 8, Vern Mesler, Welding Instructor at LCC, will present “Preservation of Iron and Steel in Bridges and Metal Structures.”
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Oct 15, 2021
Oct 22, 2021
"Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Let's Get to Work!"
Oct 29, 2021
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