Vol. 107, No. 31, January 31, 2023

Next Meeting:

When:  Friday, February 3, 2023
Where:  Lansing Community College, Michigan Room 
Speaker:  Wendy Hamilton, President & CEO, TechSmith
Title:  "Workforce of the Future"
Time:  Noon
Chair of the Day:  Cathy Zell
Reflection:  Paula Cunningham
Chair of the Month:  Michelle Reynaert
Greeter:  Jeff Crippen
Special Music:  Peppermint Creek Theatre Co. with Selections from "Daddy Long Legs"
Editarian:  Julie Pingston 
Biography for Wendy Hamilton 
Wendy joined TechSmith in 2015 where she serves as President and CEO. TechSmith is a mid-size global software company with market-leading products in screen capture and video editing. She is a valuesfirst leader committed to the practice of conscious capitalism and putting customers and employees first.
Prior to TechSmith, Wendy had 25 years of experience in innovation, strategy and global leadership within digital information, commercial software, and technology consulting. Out of Haverford College where she graduated with high honors in Economics, she worked in Accenture’s technology consulting practice for 8 years. Next, she joined a venture-backed software startup as head of Product and helped them go public.
After her start-up was acquired by Thomson Reuters, a large public company, she grew through the ranks leading product, marketing, and services until she was the global leader and general manager of the entire Life Sciences business line – including responsibility for teams in five countries.
Wendy was Board Chair of the Lansing Chamber of Commerce for two years, and currently sits on the Chamber Board, the Peckham Board, and the Impression 5 Board.
February Birthdays
Stiles, CraigFeb 09
Calverley, StevenFeb 10
Schuon, RickFeb 15
Sessa, ParkerFeb 16
Cauley, AnneFeb 19
Sheehan, JustinFeb 19
Springer, DawnFeb 19
Umakanthan, UmaFeb 19
Sanborn, DianeFeb 24
New Members Proposed

The following proposed members have emailed their applications to the office.  If anyone has a comment on these proposed members please forward it in writing within ten days to the Rotary office, before approval by the board of directors.  Thank you,

  •  Sarah Kingsley, Senior Director with Gannett, sponsored by Chris Swope
  • Justin Stojsih, Enterprise Account Executive with Box Inc., sponsored by Chris Holman
Editarian Report for January 23, 2023
This meeting was unprecedented. More accurately, un-presidented. No Courtney Milbrook. No Cathy! We were even ghosted by presidential wannabes Nick Heriford and Rebecca Bahar-Cook. Not to worry, in the absence of our popularly elected leadership, seditious chaos filled the void! With no Cathy to keep me honest, I’m going to ballpark attendance at somewhere North of 40 but less than 174, which I think is our current membership. What we lacked in quantity, we more than made up for with mirth and merriment!
This new format appears to be working well with Club members having an opportunity to work the room and learn more about each other. For instance, I learned that two of our newer members, Corey and Steve Grant, when they go on vacation, they are actually pirates! Who knew that was an option! Movies were the topic of the day at many tables with Death Wish (Charles Bronson) and Roadhouse (Nobody puts baby in a corner, I know, that quote’s from Dirty Dancing, but it really should have been in Roadhouse) were two guilty pleasure movies. Guess the Rotarians who loved those movies and win a prize of inconsequential value! Most surprising was that Craig Stiles and the undersigned both tear up when watching The Way with Martin Sheen.
We just wouldn’t have moments like that on a Friday. I didn’t see Pat Hanes or Steve Robinson there, but am really thinking one or both of them need to bring his guitar to one of these. Anywho, a good time was had by all.
Kevin Schumacher's email is:  schumacher@glassenrhead.com 
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Meeting Responsibilities
January Birthday Chair
Holman, J. Christopher
Chair of the Month
Reynaert, Michelle
Chair of the Day
Zell, Katherine
Sessa, Parker
Cunningham, Paula