Next Meeting:
When:Friday,  February 8, 2019
Where:The Country Club of Lansing, 2200 Moores River Drive
Speakers:New Member Presentations
Time: Noon
Chair of the Day:Dennis Fliehman
Remembrance:Diane Sanborn
Chair of the Month:Barb Whitney
Invocator:Sue Mills
Greeter:Darwin Brewster
Editarian:Chris Swope
Biography for Sarah Gonzales Triplett
Sarah Gonzales Triplett is the Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for Creative Many Michigan (CMM) a statewide organization with a mission to develop creative people, creative places, and the creative economy for a competitive Michigan. Through her work, Triplett strategically advances advocacy and public policy to build support for the arts, culture, arts education and the creative industries at the local, state, and federal level by: directing advocacy and policy initiatives, developing research, creating communications tools, and leading grassroots organizing and coalition building efforts.
Previously, Triplett served as the Assistant Director of Communications and Community Engagement for the Early Childhood Investment Corporation. Triplett also worked in the legislature where she last served as Deputy Chief of Staff in the Office of the Michigan Speaker of the House of Representatives, in addition to her role as a Legislative Aide, and Senior Executive Assistant during her tenure.
Triplett is chair of Americans for the Arts' nation council, the State Arts Action Network (SAAN). Triplett is currently serving her third consecutive term as Chair of the City of East Lansing Arts Commission. In 2018, Triplett was elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Tourism Industry Coalition of Michigan (TICOM) and as President-Elect of the Junior League of Lansing.
Triplett earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and political science at Hope College in Holland, MI and currently lives in East Lansing with her husband Nathan and son Teddy.
Nominations Wanted for our Club's "Rotary Hero"
Nominations Wanted for our Club’s “Rotary Hero” Our club’s board of directors is requesting nominations for a club member who will be recognized as our club’s “Rotary Hero.” The Rotary Hero will be selected by our club’s board at our February 19th meeting, and will be honored at the District Conference held on Mackinac Island in May. A nominee should be a current Rotarian who truly exemplifies “Service Above Self” in everything that he or she thinks, says or does, or a long-time member who has given many years of service.
Your nomination should include:
  • Your nominee’s name and a two-word descriptor, such as “Servant Leader” or “Go Getter”
  • A paragraph (or more if you feel inspired) describing why they are our Club Hero
Past honorees from our club have been Jack Bates, Irv Nichols, Ken Beachler, and Duane Vernon
The deadline for submission of nominations is February 12th. All submissions should be emailed to Cathy at If you have any questions please direct them to President Dennis Fliehman.
Lansing Rotary Park Update
Great news on the Rotary Park front! Last week, Mayor Andy Schor held a press conference announcing his executive order to officially name Rotary Park. Kevin Schumacher made a brief speech on behalf of the Rotary Club of Lansing and our Foundation. Laurie Baumer spoke for the Community Foundation and other donors to the park spoke as well. The press conference was well attended and prompted much attention in the media for the project and our Club. To see your Lansing Rotary in the news, click on the links to stories below:$2-million-Rotary-Park-to-revitalize-downtown-riverfront.html




Attending the May District Conference?
Attending May District Conference? If you are planning to (or even thinking about) attending the District Conference at the Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island May 16-19, would you please let Cathy know? We are trying to determine who might be able to represent the club at the annual dinner. Thank you!
February Birthdays
Yeadon, NanciFeb 02
Owen, StevenFeb 09
Stiles, CraigFeb 09
Calverley, StevenFeb 10
Culberson, EdFeb 15
Schuon, RickFeb 15
Cauley, AnneFeb 19
Sheehan, JustinFeb 19
Springer, DawnFeb 19
Umakanthan, UmaFeb 19
Sanborn, DianeFeb 24
Mattson, BillFeb 24
Editarian Report for January 25, 2019
We caravanned Westward today and met at the Lansing Community College West Campus. Despite the wintery chill in the air (spring is less than 55 days away), it was a very well attended meeting. President Fliehman interrupted no fewer than 50 private conversations to get our meeting started. Pat Munshaw took the podium for the invocation. To summarize: sic transit gloria mundi. We sang an Italian song, “Acapella” lead by Ken Beachler. We had so many guests that it took quite some time for the mic to move from East to West. Sue Mills reported on the health of the club, something about Ron Seelye, but I couldn’t hear so pay attention next week and watch for more news. Probably wouldn’t hurt to send him a card.
The Rotary Cheer event happened on Wednesday and was a success with 70 people in attendance. Rich Schaberg announced the January birthdays. This month’s question was “what will Lansing Rotary look like in 2050?” Aside from the ever-popular Dave O’Leary age jokes, the best answer came from Rich himself with “Hilary’s granddaughter will be President of the United States and her Vice President will be Donald’s grandson and they will have won on a campaign slogan of “Service Above Self.” Let’s hope Rich’s unlikely prediction comes true.
Special music today was Mike Bass (like the fish), who sang and played two songs on the guitar. Hands was his first song and the second was You do You, a song about his transition from 4th generation scrapmaster to full time face melting acoustic guitar player and singing songwriting fool. His repertoire tests the limits of Ken Beachler’s musical knowledge. With a safetynet made from metal scraps at the Fiedland Industries scrap yard, Mike’s entertainment chops did not disappoint. He also told us of the future of ScrapFest and the opportunity to have local sculptures on display at your places of business. For more information, check him out at
Today’s speaker was fellow Rotarian Scott Keith and his topic was the 100 year anniversary and a tongue in cheek history of the Capital Area United Way. A woman, a priest, 2 ministers and a Rabbi meet in a ..., sounds like the beginning of a joke but it is actually the meeting that started United Way in 1887. Lansing’s origins started in 1919 when Miss Sara Brown, Dr. E.W. Bishop, Ray Potter and J.M. Preston met to address community needs. Basic needs that were as prevalent then as they are today: housing, utilities, food and health. Their 1919 goal was to raise $150,000 ($2.2 million in today’s dollars). To say they were aggressive and shameless would be an understatement by today’s standards. We were treated to an early commercial video that would have a tough time surviving today’s political correctness standards. Dialing 2-1-1, connects you with community resources (120,000 calls yearly with 24/7 coverage to help direct those in need of housing, food, health resources). One of their programs is ALICE (asset limited income constrained employees, aka, the working poor). Many in our community are one pay check or one car repair away from needing to be on government assistance. The VITA program helps with doing tax returns to secure tax refunds. The United Way in its second century will be a collaborator and convener with the goal of less duplication and more accurately hitting the marks to help those in need. They’re planning a 10/19/2019 Gala Event to mark the occasion of their first one hundred years. Questions were asked and answered and then we all bundled up and trundled on into the frigid parking lot. Have a great week!
Kevin Schumacher's email is:
Feb 15, 2019
Mayor's Arts & Culture Commission @ Lansing Center
Feb 22, 2019
at the Country Club of Lansing
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