Vol. 107, No. 52, June 27, 2023
Next Meeting 
When: Friday, June 30, 2023
Where:Lansing Community College, Michigan Room 
Address:600 N. Grand Avenue, Park in Gannon Ramp
Chair of the Day: Foundation President Sandy Draggoo
What:"The Annual Meeting of the Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation"
Microphone: Steve Grant
Editarian: Michelle Reynaert
Greeter: Julie Pingston 
Rotary - Hope & Healing 
Rotary District 6360 is forming a Mental Health task force at the urging of our incoming 2023-24 Rotary International President Gordon McInally from Scotland. He is placing special emphasis on Mental Health this year and encourages Clubs and Rotarians to be part of the solution by assessing and addressing Mental Health challenges in our own communities.
Rotarians interested in being part of our District effort are invited to connect with Ingrid Nova, District Administrator, @ rotary6360@gmail.com, or Sharalyn Davis, District Governor '23-24, @ sharalyndavis@gmail.com. You will be included in an upcoming Zoom meeting to begin the exploration!
Also, please encourage Rotarians in your clubs who may have interest and/or skills to join us!
Rotarians are uniquely positioned with our core values of service, leadership development, and social connections/relationships driving everything we do!
Thank you for all you do to promote hope and peace in the world through Rotary!!
Sharalyn Davis
District Governor 2023-2024
Editarian Report for June 23, 2023
President Courtney begrudgingly called today’s meeting to order for the Annual Changing of the Guard.
Rotarians recited the 4-Way Test although there seemed to be some verbal challenges to the 4-Way Test for this particular Rotary meeting. Will the program really “build goodwill and better friendships”? Time will tell!
The Moment of Reflection immediately set the tone for the meeting. With only a 17-minute notice to fill in today for Ben Rathbun for the entire program, Katie Krick was able to channel her inner Ben and reflect on the legacy of Rotary and the next generation with more passion than Ben even knew he had!
Katie was joined for the rest of the program by Nicole Baumer who quickly moved on from the reflecting moment to the Patriotic Song which was a video performance of Elvis Presley performing his 1968 version of “If I Can Dream” which was led by Kevin Schumacher with all the passion a classic Elvis song deserved.
For a break back to a regular Club meeting, guests and visiting Rotarians were introduced including Courtney’s husband Travis who is a Past Rotary President for the Delta Waverly Club and Courtney’s friend and colleague from the Lansing Symphony Karen Dichoza.
Joey Mapes with Axios HR was presented with his red badge as an official member of the Club by President Courtney.
President Courtney provided the Health of the Club report which included an update that Don Colizzi is in hospice care at Eaton Community Palliative Care. Our thoughts are with Don and his family. It was also announced that Ken Beachler’s funeral service is Saturday, June 24 at 11:00 am at the People’s Church.
The Sergeant of Arms Committee officially took over the meeting and Nicole and Katie presented President Courtney with the opportunity to lead her own Rotary Symphony. She was given plenty of options for her perfect baton selection and settled on the chopstick. It was up to President Courtney to decide which was harder running the Rotary Club or conducting the Past Presidents Symphony Orchestra.
The kazoo section was made up of Sue Hansen, Jeff Crippen and Dennis Fliehman. Who would have guessed Jeff Crippen had his own silver plated kazoo?? The percussion section featured Chris Holman on the spoons, Julie Pingston on the cowbell and, even though Kurt Guter was promised the position of first violin, he settled for the triangle. Pat Hanes was the entire string section and Lisa Smith covered all the vocals.
President Courtney figured out how to conduct the Symphony with an appropriate song “I Will Survive” which had some great solos on the guitar, cowbell and spoons and spirited vocals to drown out the kazoo section. The Symphony then played the classic Rotary song of Happy Birthday which definitely needed more practice time.
Next it was time for audience participation. The Club was presented the rhythm of the song in a tap dancing video by Julie Pingston and then Lisa Smith showed Rotarians how easy the “Cup Song” was to do with their own Solo cups. Well, maybe easy is not the right word. Chris Swope was a quick learner but others were definitely struggling. If you’d like the easy video version of the “Cup Song” Click Here is the link so you can show off the new skill you learned at Rotary to all your friends. 
It was time for President Courtney to conduct the Past Presidents Symphony one last time and, since they don’t know any other songs, the second time was a charm of performing Happy Birthday including perfect precision from Kurt Guter on the triangle.
Kevin Schumacher took control with portraying President Courtney’s version of a nightmare Symphony when he arrived with a banjo, bare feet and overalls to join Pat Hanes on the guitar in Dueling Banjos. Oh.. and Kevin was also wearing a cape for no apparent reason. There are plenty of pictures of Kevin’s look!
A rousing thanks to President Courtney was offered by the Past Presidents. Hari Kern played a beautiful piano introduction that suddenly became the Eminem rap song “Lose Yourself” as everyone welcomed President Elect Nick Heriford to “take this opportunity” as the Rotary Club of Lansing President.
President Courtney received her President’s pin and thanked the Board, Cathy and Rotarians for a great year. As the earlier song made clear…”She Survived!”
Thank you to the Sergeant of Arms Committee of Katie Krick, Nicole Baumer and the Past Presidents Symphony Orchestra. Big thanks to Kevin Schumacher, the “orchestrator” of the program’s scripting and on screen graphics.
Thanks again to President Courtney from all the Lansing Rotarians for your leadership, dedication and time devoted to the service of Rotary!
PS…if you’d like to see Lisa Smith perform in a more serious format, she will be performing with a band of fantastic local musicians on June 30 from 7-10:00 pm at Red Cedar Spirits in East Lansing at 2000 Merritt Road (near Costco).
Our next meeting will be Friday, June 30 at LCC for the Annual Meeting of our Rotary Club Foundation.
See you then!
Julie Pingston's email is:  jpingston@lansing.org 
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