Vol. 107, No. 44, May 2, 2023
Next Meeting 
When: Friday, May 5, 2023
Where:Lansing Community College, Michigan Room 
Address:600 N. Grand Avenue, Park in Gannon Ramp
Chair of the Day: Andy Brogan 
Speaker: Cathy George, Head Coach for Pro Volleyball Federation
Title:"Cathy George - The Next Chapter"
Chair of the Month: Andy Brogan 
Reflection:Dan Aylward
Microphone: Steve Grant
Editarian: Kevin Schumacher
Biography for Cathy George 
After 35 years as a college head volleyball coach, the last 17 at MSU, Cathy George announced her retirement at the end of the 2021 season. She retired as the all-time winningest coach in Michigan State Volleyball history with over 300 wins and a laundry list of accolades and achievements. She had a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of players over her college coaching career.
Anyone that knows Cathy George very well knew that she was not going to sit still very long. In early March of this year, Cathy was announced as the Head Coach and Director of Operations of the Grand Rapids Rise. She becomes the first-ever head coach for the newly organized Pro Volleyball Federation. The inaugural season will kick off in February 2024!
2023 Lansing Rotary Hero
Kurt Guter is Lansing’s Rotary Hero for his decades of service above self to our club, our community, and our world. Kurt has been an active and engaged member of Rotary since joining in 1990. He has put his professional expertise as an engineer and entrepreneur together with his Rotary friendships to the benefit of numerous organizations across the globe. His Rotary passion has been international service projects as demonstrated by his work on numerous Rotary grant projects including, but not limited to, life-changing work in Nepal, Ecuador, South Africa, and Tanzania.
Closer to home, Kurt remains a co-coordinator of the New Member Orientation Committee for the Lansing Club. His personal goal - which is almost always met – is that no new member leaves the orientation without a committee assignment. Kurt is a welcoming present at meetings, an encouraging mentor to other members, and a true Rotary Hero to our community and world.
Rotary International DEI Statement
A top priority for Rotary is growing and diversifying our membership to make sure we reflect the communities we serve and are inclusive of all cultures, experiences, and identities.
We're creating an organization that is more open and inclusive, fair to all, builds goodwill, and benefits our communities.
To help us achieve our goal, the RI Board of Directors passed a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statement:
As a global network that strives to build a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change, Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
Rotary will cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture in which people from underrepresented groups have greater opportunities to participate as members and leaders.
Editarian Report for April 27, 2023
Our Social Gathering on April 27 had a whole new atmosphere with the outside doors open, the patio available and new menu choices such as barbecue and cheeseburger sliders. The sunshine had everyone in a good spirts and ready for the weekend.
Fun info I learned this week is that Nathan Triplett as the CATA Board Chair has announced that CATA has added routes into Delta Township to increase transit connectivity throughout the region. I also found a group of Rotarians who were very well versed on all the psychological thrillers from back in the day although we couldn't determine which is scarier...Jaws or Psycho?? Lastly, Kevin Schumacher arrived by bicycle and won the prize for visiting with every table and checking in with every Rotarian. He must be trying to make up for missing last week!
Our next meeting will be on Friday, May 5 at LCC with our speaker Cathy George, Coach of the West Michigan Pro Women's Volleyball Team. Who’s bringing the Cinco de Mayo drinks for this meeting?!?
Have a great week!
Julie Pingston's email is:  jpingston@lansing.org 
May 12, 2023
"Who Will Discover Our Future: World-Class Nuclear Science at MSU"
May 18, 2023
at Lansing Brewery from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.
May 26, 2023
Jun 02, 2023
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