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ImageDue to the Memorial Day Holiday, we will not have a virtual meeting this Friday, May 22, 2020.  Please have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend.  Our next meeting will be May 29th on Zoom.


Employment Announcements
If you are looking for employment or have an employee who you could not retain because of the COVID situation and would like to make our membership aware of your availability or availability of one of your trusted employees you can contact Cathy and she can give you more information on what can be placed in future editions of the Rotogram. 
Resigned Member
The following member has recently elected to resign from our Club:
  • Peter Achuonjei
Editarian Report for May 15, 2020
Following fantastic break-out rooms for small groups, President Pat Hanes brought the Rotarians together virtually in what is now becoming a familiar space for all of us, forever reinventing the old Mazda advertising campaign… Zoom Zoom.
The invocation was given by Sue Mills, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday (for the 2nd time). “You’re a Grand Old Flag” waved courtesy of YouTube. Intro of guests and visiting Rotarians: (1) District Governor, Margie Haas (2) Rob Peterson, Mary Zoeller, Aaron Winters, and Larry Deniston from the Kalamazoo Club; they are exploring virtual meetings for their club. Health of the Club: Diane Sanborn shared Dennis Fliehman had outpatient surgery with minor complications but should be headed home tomorrow. Dennis also recently lost his mother. Cathy Andrews shared in the Chat that Jack Draper is doing okay.
Michelle Reynaert: Sparrow/COVID Update
  •   Discharged over 100 COVID-19 patients to-date. ~12 COVID patients at EWSH; 3 on ventilators
  •   We’ve kept our frontline safe. 1140 caregivers tested; only 39 positives across health system
  •   Doubling time is 28 days. Thank you for staying home and helping to flatten the curve!
  •   Sparrow Forward task force focused on future, reopening and ramping up many services. Hoping the MAC can   open June 1st with some changes, stay tuned.
  •   PLEASE do not put off any urgent or emergency care you need.
  •   Making COVID-19 and antibody testing more available to area employees and the general public. Contact Sparrow Occ Health if your business needs help with this as you re-open. for virus updates.
Kevin Schumacher: Business/Bankruptcy update
  1.  Plan: sooner rather than later.
  2.  You can protect up to $4,000 in equity in a car (one per debtor)
  3.  You can protect up to $25,000 in equity in a home (double that for married couple)
  4.  Retirement assets are protected before and after bankruptcy so don’t voluntarily give those to creditors.
  5.  Don’t waste 40 years of retirement savings to try and save a failing business.
Sue Mills & Janet Lilly are working hard to keep membership connections. Spotlight on Ron Flinn: as a child he remembers listening to a radio broadcast of the Lone Ranger in his home in NY when it was interrupted for an announcement about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Ron grew up on farm with no running water or electricity. He went to college in NY and worked on a surveying crew that did the last 5 miles of the NY through-way. He went on to be an engineer; came to MSU in 1957 to finish his degree. He served in the National Guard and lived in a trailer behind Coral Gables. Ron worked and went to school; he was hired by MSU and he retired from MSU in Jan 2015. Today he lives on 40-acre farm, staying busy with a 12-inch stump grinder, collection of steel chainsaws, and several tractors. Ask him about MSUs ownership of Oakland University, Channel 10, and drain-fields.
President Hanes gave a Paul Harris report: just under 20K given to-date. Thank you, Rotarians! Courtney Millbrook introduced Special Music by Colton & Nick called “Over the Moat” for two flutes.
Julie Pingston facilitated the introduction of two speakers who have an extraordinary musical background. Timothy Muffit, Music Director & Conductor, Lansing Symphony Orchestra since 2006,  and Jim Forger, Dean, MSU College of Music, on faculty since 1979, director since 1990.
Key Points:
 •     Lock-down has posted immense challenges to music and arts organizations; requiring short-term creativity, long-term thinking on innovation. Learning about other ways of communicating when you can’t bring people together to enjoy live music
•     This Saturday at 10am, MSU President Stanley virtual commencement will feature innovative recordings of the Fight Song, America the Beautiful, and the alma-matter, all by the magic of technology.
o     Check this out:
•    “Everything is music, and everywhere is the best seat” reflection on beautiful invocation by Sue Mills; listen to the sounds, voices and music all around us.
•    On-line presence by LSO expanded far beyond our community.
o     3 components posted every week at a specific time on a schedule. Tuesday at 2pm: LSO Kids Tune-in Tuesdays. LSO Thursdays: meet a musician (or two) and hear them play from their homes. Saturday nights: repeat of a past concert via audio or video.
o     Founded in 1929; LSO is resilient! Will celebrate 90th anniversary this year. LSO Crescendo end of May/beginning of June with a strong series of virtual events/activities.
o    Question: Are best practices by other orchestras, national orchestras, etc being shared?
  LSO is looking at everything that comes out but also problem-solving from within on ways that will be uniquely beneficial to our market.
• MSU College of Music
o 65% of LSO = MSU graduates or affiliated with College of Music in some way.
o 45% of students from MI, 20% from 18 countries. 
Move professional lives forward while they are students, via the LSO and other such wonderful organizations. Hard to sustain themselves with so many shut-downs. Aching to get back to things.
o Music and the arts can sustain all of us in this time.
o Regular instruction via community music school, delivered in different ways.
o Planning for fall: size of groups matters tremendously. How many people can you have in various size spaces, depending what instrument, how far must they be apart, etc. This will be a year of flexibility, unfolding in a way that is most safe for performers and for audiences.
o Question: How are International Students affected? 
 Those coming back may not be able to travel due to US policy on immigration; making arrangements for them to start in a different country until they can return to campus. Anticipate 35 new international students that will be at MSU to complete doctoral degrees. Will know more in August.
President Hanes wrapped up the meeting with a few announcements: Positive feedback on small group breakout sessions; those will continue. Next meeting: May 29 (NO MEETING 5/22 Memorial Day weekend). Thanks to the approximately 70+ members who attended the meeting.
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