Next Meeting:
When:Friday, April 12, 2019
Where:The Lansing Center
Speaker:Dr. Richard Bennett, Urologist
Chair of the Day:Michelle Reynaert
Invocator:Jeff Crippen
Chair of the Month:Andrew Brogan
Remembrance:Diane Sanborn
Greeter:Sandy Draggoo
Editarian:Pam Miklavcic
Rotary Club of Lansing Book Drive
The Special Projects Committee is organizing a book drive during the month of April! Books will be donated to the Early Literacy Program at the Ingham ISD to reach students in the Lansing School District.
Your book donations can be brought to a Club meeting throughout the month of April. The books will be presented to the school kids before summer break. Thanks for your support!!
April Birthdays
Ammons, LawrenceApril 19
Bahar-Cook, RebeccaApril 01
Cauley Jr., John H.April 01
Chamberlain, ChristopherApril 17
Collins, JohnApril 05
Dubey, JennApril 26
Durham, JulieApril 27
Goodell, GeorgeApril 22
Guerre, WilliamApril 04
Holliday, JoshuaApril 11
Lenz, MariaApril 11
Little, NancyApril 27
Lynch, LindaApril 24
Nugent, GeorgeApril 06
Pingston, JulieApril 15
Rucinski, RoccoApril 03
Salisbury, TimApril 26
Schneidewind, EricApril 24
Shaski, JohnApril 04
Sieloff, WayneApril 18
Trumpie, DaveApril 07
Tucker, SamuelApril 30
Wiesner, DougApril 09
Apr 19, 2019
Apr 26, 2019
Meeting at Peckham for lunch and tours
May 03, 2019
at the Lansing Center
May 10, 2019
"The Changing Face of Retail" at the Lansing Center
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Rotary Club of Lansing
P. O. Box 13156
Lansing, MI   48901-3156
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General Pickleball Info
Indoor Open Play for Pickleball
Meeting Responsibilities
Chair of the Day
Reynaert, Michelle
Crippen, Jeff
Draggoo, Sandy
Miklavcic, Pam
April Birthday Chair
Chamberlain, Christopher
Sanborn, Diane
Chair of the Month
Brogan, Andrew