Zoom Meeting September 18, 2020
You will receive an invitation containing the link and password to log-on to Zoom in an email from President Julie on Thursday.
WHEN DOES THE MEETING START?  Here is the schedule:
  • At 12:00 pm the Zoom room will be available for our "breakout room/virtual tables" to have a conversation with other members.  President Julie will draw us all back into the main meeting room at 12:28 pm
  • At 12:30 pm the meeting will be called to order
SPEAKER:  Dan Wyant, President & COO of Edward Lowe Foundation 
FOLLOW UP:  Please keep your microphone muted when you are listening.  Be aware of the lighting in your room, a well lit room with natural light if possible.  Please feel free to use Chat throughout the meeting.  If you have any questions for the speakers, ask them through Chat.
Loftus Day
ImageIt all started in the fall of 1924 when Frank Loftus brought a bouquet of fresh garden flowers to the grave of Charles W. Nichols, a past Rotary president who had recently died.  The custom grew in an informal manner and when Loftus died four years later, the official Frank Loftus Day Memorial Service was held - a cherished Lansing Rotary Club tradition that each September honors deceased club members who are buried in the Lansing area.  It was not surprising that Frank Loftus started this revered tradition.  A longtime grocer and life-long Lansing resident, he was known for his compassion, often extending credit at his store on Washington Avenue to families who were encountering difficult financial times. His civic dedication was legendary. He also gave his time to volunteer with the local Red Cross, with his church and with the Knights of Columbus. He died on May 30, 1928, the major headline in the Lansing Capital News was "Loftus Dies Suddenly" and the accompanying article went on to describe the many contributions he had made to his community.

It is likely our club is the only one in Rotary International that remembers its deceased members in such a unique way.  This year, Friday, September 11th we will honor Jack Davis, Jack Draper, John Grettenberger, Sr. and John Stephenson at a Zoom meeting.  Immediately following committees can visit the graves they are assigned or plan a time any day that week.  Cones will be available at Rick Anthony's Flower Shop on Grand River at no charge.  At the bottom of the Rotogram in the "Download Files" is a listing of all members with their Committee Chairs. 

September Birthdays
Baumer, NicoleSep 11
Connell, JeffereySep 23
Cunningham, PaulaSep 11
Daman, TimSep 05
Dietrich, KarenSep 19
Galecka, CraigSep 16
Gardner, DonnaSep 20
Gnass, CamronSep 24
Hanus, KurtSep 01
Howard, RichSep 04
Iding, DickSep 30
Kraushaar, MarkSep 26
Miklavcic, PamSep 05
Munshaw, PatSep 24
Nichols, IrvSep 20
Roznowski, StevenSep 05
Sabins, JacobSep 22
Samuel, StanleySep 14
Siegle, GeorgeSep 07
Souser, AlexandraSep 12
Spencer, J. ClydeSep 30
Swope, ChrisSep 05
Vernon, Duane R.Sep 03
Sep 18, 2020
Sep 25, 2020
with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Oct 09, 2020
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Rotary Club of Lansing
P. O. Box 13156
Lansing, MI   48901-3156
Meeting Responsibilities
Chair of the Day
Schaberg, Richard
September Birthday Chair
Sanborn, Diane
Swope, Chris
Chair of the Month
Holman, J. Christopher
Schaberg, Richard
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Loftus Day Committees