August 28th, Social Gathering
We will have a Social Gathering at Rotary Park from 11:00 a.m. until noon on Friday, August 28th if you are comfortable to attend.  Mask wearing, social distanced, no hugging or kissing (Chris Holman), no program, no food, just an opportunity to say "Hi" to fellow Rotarians. 
A walking tour of the north section of the Lansing ARTpath will be available by Barb Whitney.  Lunch will be on your own afterwards, there will be no alternate meeting scheduled in the event of inclement weather. 
Loftus Day
ImageIt all started in the fall of 1924 when Frank Loftus brought a bouquet of fresh garden flowers to the grave of Charles W. Nichols, a past Rotary president who had recently died.  The custom grew in an informal manner and when Loftus died four years later, the official Frank Loftus Day Memorial Service was held - a cherished Lansing Rotary Club tradition that each September honors deceased club members who are buried in the Lansing area.  It was not surprising that Frank Loftus started this revered tradition.  A longtime grocer and life-long Lansing resident, he was known for his compassion, often extending credit at his store on Washington Avenue to families who were encountering difficult financial times. His civic dedication was legendary. He also gave his time to volunteer with the local Red Cross, with his church and with the Knights of Columbus. He died on May 30, 1928, the major headline in the Lansing Capital News was "Loftus Dies Suddenly" and the accompanying article went on to describe the many contributions he had made to his community.

It is likely our club is the only one in Rotary International that remembers its deceased members in such a unique way.  This year, Friday, September 11th we will honor Jack Davis, Jack Draper, John Grettenberger, Sr. and John Stephenson at a Zoom meeting.  Immediately following committees can visit the graves they are assigned or plan a time any day that week.  At the bottom of the Rotogram in the "Download Files" is a listing of all members with their Committee Chairs. 

Dues Update
At its meeting on August 18, 2020 the Club’s Board of Directors set the quarterly dues rate at $125 per quarter for active members during the virtual meeting timeframe. Charges for active exempt members and U35 members will be set at $100 per quarter going forward. These changes will go into effect for 3rd quarter which will be billed in August. The current fees will cover Rotary International dues as well as the administrative costs of the Club. When we are able to meet again over lunch, the ordinary dues will return to $270.
Editarian Report for August 21, 2020
President Julie Pingston is hitting her stride with the Zoom meetings. She’s working the mouse and keyboard with total aplomb. My break out room was populated with Cindy Kangas, our guest speaker Philip McKinney, John Person, visitor Katie Krick, Lisa Smith and Nicole Baumer (who left abruptly and inexplicably). Mr. Person gave us a Foundation update and how the pandemic is affecting hospice care and Cindy Kangas did the same for post hospice care issues (get it? Elle’s Place? Too much?).
After visiting in the break out rooms, President Julie called us to order. Nicole Baumer provided the day’s invocation with grace and sincerity. Something about humble hearts, grateful sacrifice and humility. She closed with a quote about how we change the world with our actions, not our opinions. John Dale Smith provided the patriotic song and more than a few of us were singing solos in our offices of God Bless America. We had roughly 49 cameras tuned in for our weekly meeting, but some cameras had a few photobombers, so all in all, more than 50 watching the show.
John Person introduced guests, including Katie Krick of Cedar Insurance and the extended family of Rick Schaberg. 45 Year Club Member Rick Guilford passed away on July 25, 2020. Rick played Santa for the Club’s annual benefit for the North School. President Julie cued up the traditional song of Rotary passing while we looked at his pic on the zoom call. Other than that bit of sad news, a no news is good news health of the club report was submitted via absentee ballot by Diane Sanborn.
Billy Dubois updated us on Loftus day which falls on September 11 this year. This almost century old Rotary tradition honors Rotarians who participated in Zoom calls and break out rooms and shared lunch with us and our predecessors over the last 96 years. We will start with a short meeting fêting Jack Davis, Jack Draper, John Grettenberger and John Stevenson (glad my name doesn’t start with a J), followed by trips to the cemetery by Rotarians to place flowers on our assigned graves.
Rotary dues were reduced to $125 a quarter until we return to a full meal and face to face meetings. For Friday, August 28, there won’t technically be a meeting, but if you’re so inclined, some Rotarians will casually gather at Rotary Park from 11 to 12. It’s what you’d call a no shoes, no shirt, no service kind of meeting: i.e., no food, no drink, no hugging, no kissing allowed, but yes on 6' apart Rotary speed dating in an outdoor setting. If weather permits, we’ll see those of you who can make it there. No attendance required, but if you do show, Barb Whitney’s offering a brief tour of the 2020 Art Gallery Art Path along the River Trail.
Scott Duimstra featured Jim Phillips in this week’s senior spotlight. Mr. Phillips is of course, a very funny guy. He is a consultant and is currently working on two books. In the Club, Jim is known for his hilarious role a Uncle Jimmy in the annual holiday program. Uncle Jimmy whips the children into an uncontrolled frenzy to ready them for the arrival of Santa Claus. Jim has flown airplanes, driven Formula 1 cars, sired award winning horses but has never run a 2 minute mile. He spoke briefly about the good work our club has done for the North School children and about his friend, Rick Guildford.
Our special music of the day was provided by the Phoenix Chamber Choir. Their rendition of the Longest Time strikes at the heart of our quarantine experience. It’s not often that you get to see a Canadian flag waving choir sing a Billy Joel song while getting their hair cut, playing with puppets, conducting class for their children while working and singing.
Cindy Kangas was our chair of the day. She introduced us to Phil McKinney, who is a Rev at Believers Christian Church and provides executive coaching under the No Ego Coaching framework. In the fall of 2018, at a Home Depot parking lot, he experienced a transformative moment. While enjoying a few moments of solitude, he looked up from the book he was reading and wondered about the people he saw in the parking lot and how easy it is to exist and not make a difference. Phil thought he could do something about that and shared some of the lessons he’s provided through coaching. Frequently we are so ego centric that we’re barely listening to others, but rather are just waiting for our turn to be heard. He advised that we shouldn’t believe the wrong story about yourself (I’m thinking these are the tapes that play in our heads) or to be dominated by fear and anxiety. A negative self ego can be very limiting and if we ditch our ego, we can find a whole new way of living. Phil fielded a lot of questions about the value of coaching, who can benefit from coaching, whether you need to be a subject matter expert to coach (Tiger Woods has 3 coaches, none of them are golf experts). He also talked to us about blind spots and that the benefit of coaching is to point out that which is not obvious (i.e., a blind spot). We are primed to see things (soup to your nuts) and our brains need decluttering (think: Marie Kondo and does this spark joy in your life).
President Julie thanked the speaker, announced the gift and concluded the meeting and one by one, we all sat in our desk chairs and clicked “end meeting.”
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