Next Meeting:
When:Friday, November 22, 2019
Where:The Lansing Center, Second Floor
Speaker:Michelle Pell, Director of MSU Union
Title: "The MSU Union:  A Storied Past, Inspired Future"
Chair of the Day:Janet Lillie
Invocator:Julie Pingston
Greeter:Casey Jacobsen
Chair of the Month: Janet Lillie
Remembrance:Diane Sanborn
Editarian:Pam Miklavcic
Rotary District Matching Program
This matching program is to help our members reach their next Paul Harris or your first by matching the money needed to reach that level.  You make a contribution of half the amount needed to reach the next Paul Harris, make sure Cathy has your donation.  A form will be completed so the District will match your contribution with the available points.  The "Earn a Reward" Points Match Challenge will continue until May 31, 2020, or until the pool of donated points is exhausted.
We normally do our Paul Harris appeal in April, but we didn't want to miss out on this opportunity.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask: or Paul Harris Chair, Donna Gardner,
Another Veteran
Ron Horowitz served with the Army and was left off the list last week.  Please, if you see Ron at the next meeting.....thank him for his service!  Thank you,
Editarian Report November 8th, 2019
Unfortunately the report was not available this week.
Rotary Code of Conduct

ImageAS A ROTARIAN, I will

  1. EXEMPLIFY the core value of integrity in all behaviors and activities
  2. USE my vocational experience and talents to serve in Rotary
  3. CONDUCT all of my personal, business, and professional affairs ethically, encouraging and fostering high ethical standards as an example to others
  4. BE FAIR in all dealings with others and treat them with the respect due to them as fellow human beings
  5. PROMOTE recognition and respect for all occupations which are useful to society
  6. OFFER my vocational talents:  to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community
  7. HONOR the trust that Rotary and fellow Rotarians provide and not do anything that will bring disfavor or reflect adversely on Rotary or fellow Rotarians
  8. NOT SEEK from a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in a business or professional relationship
Nov 22, 2019
"The MSU Union: A Storied Past, Inspired Future" @ Lansing Center
Nov 29, 2019
Dec 06, 2019
at the Lansing Center, First Floor
Dec 13, 2019
at the Lansing Center, First Floor
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Rotary Club of Lansing
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Meeting Responsibilities
Chair of the Day
Lillie, Janet
Sabins, Jacob
Daman, Tim
November Birthday Chair
Adams, Timothy
Sanborn, Diane
Taylor, Brian
Chair of the Month
Lillie, Janet