New Club and Foundation Treasurer
At the Club Board of Directors meeting on June 18th, Jennifer Marsh was selected to serve as the new Treasurer for both the Club and the Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation.
Jennifer has an extensive background in banking and finance, is a member of our Audit Committee, and has served as President of the East Lansing Rotary Club, making her very well-qualified to assume this important officer position. Congratulations, Jennifer!
Dues & Meals Increase
At its meeting on June 18th, the Club’s Board of Directors determined it was necessary to increase member dues by $5 per quarter, and meal costs for active ordinary members by $5 per quarter. Meal charges for active exempt members will increase by $1 per meeting attended. These changes will go into effect as of July 1st, and will be reflected in your next quarterly billing statement.
The last time we increased dues and meal charges was four years ago, and in the intervening time our expenses have risen significantly. The Board gave this matter thoughtful consideration and concluded that adopting these modest increases was the fiscally prudent thing to do. If you have any questions regarding the increases please feel free to contact Club President Dennis Fliehman. Thank you!
Editarian Report for June 21, 2019
The Rotary Club of Lansing, Lansing Center, 1st Floor President Fliehman called the meeting to order and Sam Tucker provided two invocations - an Irish Blessing and The Lord’s Prayer. Following the singing of a Patriotic Song, Stan Samuel facilitated the introductions of guests and visiting Rotarians. Diane Sanborn shared that the health of the club is well.
Lesa Smith gave the U35 membership event reminder; Thursday June 27 at Lansing Brewing at 5:30pm - free to attend - but need an accurate count - please RSVP to if you can attend to help host/cultivate prospective members. Also encouraged to bring a U35 friend (child, grand-child, employee, intern, etc.)
Those in the festive spirit are reminded that the Delta Waverly Club will host a 50th Bday party on June 25th @ Woldumar Nature Center at 5:30pm. If you are reading this, you have probably missed the opportunity to RSVP or attend. Additional reminders included a ‘please pay your Q2 dues’ before the end of the fiscal year June 30th and a congratulations to Jennifer Marsh, who has been elected our new Treasurer.
Thanks to Jordan Sutton for being June Chair of the Month. Sadly, no special music today, but rather an inspiring program by the Rotary Foundation Board. John Person, Chair of the Day, and Foundation President-Elect started the program off by acknowledging his Rockstar counterparts on the Foundation Board; talk with any of them if you have questions, need information, or want to triple your annual gift to help make an even greater impact on our city, our nation and our world. Yup, your gifts do that. Three times a year, when you write a check (YES, each of us), you are helping make a difference locally and internationally.
Since 1916 we’ve given over $3 Million in grants – over $1 Million of that has been in the past 10 years. Just imagine if everyone were participating how much more we could do! This year, participation rates were 45% for the Holiday appeal, 69% for the Birthday appeals, 43% for Paul Harris month. Certainly we all lead busy lives, but if you have that nagging feeling you might have been one of the folks that forgot to give to any one of these appeals, feel free to go online today and give, or talk to Cathy about playing catch up. Or, consider giving now for the coming year. Of course, you can also give to the Jack Bates Rotary Endowment at the Community Foundation, which is projected to distribute approximately $145,000 next year to enhance our granting abilities, thanks to the generosity of future-minded Rotarians, past and present. See Kevin S. for more details – he’ll even buy you breakfast.
Al Yambor - chair of international committee - highlighted past two years of projects and shared more about impact club is making world-wide. Every grant has a local Rotarian who sponsors and monitors the project; International clubs also help monitor and report back, when available. We are excited about continued investment in projects like the Mobile Health Clinic in Northern Togo, where our dollars helped fund bicycles, raincoats, flashlights and backpacks - supporting clinicians going to remote areas to deliver care.
Irv Nichols shared his passion for the South Sudan School project, giving the history of our community’s support for the people of Sudan who were refugees here, and the importance of our club’s continued support for the Sudanese. Kevin S talked about the Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief project - we had ability to help so we did. Kevin LOVES to talk with all the District Governors on a regular basis, so he called them up and told them we wanted to help. They sent receipts for every penny; tools, school supplies, and more. John P highlighted the Guatemala Dental Clinic - helped 945 Guatemalan students w dental health over the course of 5 days. We fund supplies, cost of sending equipment for the volunteers. $212,570 value in services/care for our modest grant. Kevin Schumacher came back up for the 10th time to give a Rotary Park update – our $400K commitment over 10 years gets real with the August 21 planned opening. Use it. Enjoy it. Proud of our leadership role in activating spaces that support attraction and retention of talent in our region. Spans riverfront; call Laurie Baumer if you want to know more; just don’t go walking around the construction site or you’ll be in BIG trouble.
Thank you to members of Foundation Board, International Committee, and all Rotarians for supporting this great work. Next week - Changing of the Guard @ Country Club of Lansing – it should be a good one! Have a great weekend!
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Jul 12, 2019
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