Vol. 108, No. 34, February 21, 2024
Next Meeting 
What:Social Gathering
When:Thursday, February 22, 2024
Where:Lansing Brewing Company, Stockhouse
Address:518 E. Shiawassee Street
Time:4:30 - 6:00 p.m.
Refreshments:Appetizers and a Cash Bar
Chair of the Month:Matthew McGaughey
Editarian:Ben Rathbun
Legacy Society
A recent article in the Rotary magazine relative to planned giving notes,”The new year ushers in promise and hope, a time to resolve to do things differently. We can do more than just hope for the best. We can take steps — big and small to make changes in every aspect of our lives, including your Rotary club.”
This thought fits in perfectly with the Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation’s initiation of its LEGACY SOCIETY. The SOCIETY will recognize any individual who designates The Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation Endowment in memory of Jack Bates at the Community Foundation in their estate plan or makes a cash gift of $10,000 or more to this endowment fund.
We are grateful to the following Rotarians and their spouses who have made this significant commitment that will be transformational to our Club's grantmaking - forever!
Ken Beachler
Ted Abrams
Jack & Margaret Bates
Bill & Marilyn Cochran
Robert Fisher
Heidi McNaughton
Helen & Charles Mickens
Irv Nichols
George & Marilyn Nugent
Save the Date
The Planned Giving Committee of the Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation will be hosting a complimentary luncheon meeting at the University Club of Lansing on Thursday, May 2nd, 2024 at 11:30 a.m.  The purpose of this luncheon is to learn about your Foundation and its Endowment Fund, and how your personal legacy and love of our Rotary Club can fit into your estate planning.
Loftus Day Planning Meeting
During the recent survey on Loftus Day, members expressed interest in assisting with our long standing tradition. I am inviting you to a discussion regarding the results of the survey, and to share your ideas for the future.
We will be meeting immediately following our regular club meeting on Friday, March 1st, 2024.  I hope you will attend if you are at all interested.
Signature Grants Application
This year the Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation, the fundraising/charitable arm of the Rotary Club of Lansing has available funding for one Signature Grant up to a maximum of $50,000 to support programs which address permanent low income housing and/or food for low income recipients.
Representatives of The Community Foundation and United Way have identified that these are two of the most pressing needs in the Lansing area and have been for some time.
The Signature Grant application will close March 11, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. via SlideRoom.  
Eclipse for April 8, 2024
Editarian Report for February 16, 2024
Today’s lunch menu reflected a meatless Friday to help those who practice the age-old custom of abstinence from meat during Lent to NOT forget! (Thank you, Cathy.) It also nourished anyone else who just happened to show up to Rotary today.
Pres. Nick called the meeting to order with the 4-way test, which approximately half of of the room can now actually recite by heart. In a nutshell, this test is about truth, fairness, goodwill, better friendships and being beneficial to all.
The reflection was given by Casey Thompson followed by My Country Tis of Thee. John Dale woefully neglected his weekly Rotary gig, therefore we had no special (or even nonspecial) music to speak of.
Raeanne Mardigian successfully passed the blue box microphone for the introduction of guests and visiting Rotarians.
Health of the Club: Sarah Garcia is at home recovering after outpatient surgery. Dave O’Leary is in residence at the Red Cedar Lodge.
Three new members were orientated to the club before today’s lunch meeting and then were introduced to everyone: Denise Donahue, Phyllis Riley and Ernscie Augustin. [Applause! Applause!]
Pres. Nick announced the foundation will begin its grant application process for signature grants of $50,000, but don’t attempt to submit your application a minute before Feb. 19 nor after March 11. Local grants will be accepted between March 11 and April 5 on something called “SlideRoom,” which sounds like a cross between toddler play time and a reality TV series. Watch for the link in the Rotogram.
And for those of you party animals, next week’s meeting is happy hour at Lansing Brewing Company on Thursday, Feb. 22, 4:30-6:00. BRING FRIENDS to keep our club growing!
After many months of attending Rotary with that infectious smile, Casey Thompson delivered her blue badge presentation…where she announced she’s a pretty boring person! She grew up in Charlotte and was a middle child, went to LCC and CMU, and is president/CEO of the YMCA of Lansing. She claims to be a horrible travel companion, is vegan, has been married for 20 years and loves coffee.
Chair of the Month and of the Day Matthew McGaughey introduced our speaker, Macaela Balzer, director of Innovation and Learning at Impression 5 Science Center, who presented “Our Identity in STEM: Youth Action Council.” A lot of focus today is centered on diversity and inclusion and incorporating youth in rethinking ways to present the sciences to today’s kids. One example is the redesign of the iconic mouth into nearly two dozen different skin colors representing the variety of children in the region. She stated that 30,000 kids come on busses each year to I-5 from every county in the state, except for one in the U.P. (There’s always that one!) She also stated that today’s kids want a hands-on-approach and are interested in different parts of sciences than in the past, such as coding, electricity and robotics.
Pres. Nick closed the meeting by reminding everyone (again) that next week’s meeting will be the after-hours party on Thursday. I think we all know who is excited about that one. Everybody say SOCIAL!
Email for Michelle Lantz:  michelle@glfoodbank.org
Mar 01, 2024
"Resilient Leadership"
Mar 08, 2024
Elderly Instruments
Mar 15, 2024
"The Equalizer Project"
Mar 22, 2024
4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Lansing Brewing
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