Meetings Cancelled
Rotary International is committed to disease prevention and the doing the right thing in alignment with the Four Way Test. With the rapidly evolving situation related to the COVID-19 virus, we will be cancelling the Rotary Club of Lansing meetings until Friday, April 17 (April 10 was not scheduled due to Good Friday). We will continue to monitor the evolving situations with local health officials, the CDC and governmental recommendations. Our hope is that this situation comes to an end soon and we can all continue in a positive way with the important work of the Rotary Club of Lansing.
Below is an excerpt of a message from the President and President Elect of Rotary International.
“The COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of our lives in real time, and this puts Rotary members in an unfamiliar place. As #PeopleofAction, we are most comfortable when we are fully engaged in the world - moving freely, meeting openly, and offering helping hands. These are very difficult times for people who, like us, are at our best when we are learning, growing and serving - together"
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Thank you,
Julie Pingston President Elect
Patrick Hanes President
Grant Applications - Now Open
The Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation is pleased to announce that applications for 2020 Local Grant Funding are now being accepted. Grant applications are due by Tuesday, March 31 by midnightMore information about the grant process and a link to the on-line application can be found at the Rotary Club of Lansing’s website under the “Foundation” tab or Click Here.  All applications MUST be submitted through the on-line system.
Editarian Report for March 13, 2020
President Hanes called the meeting to order, noting the extraordinary circumstances under which Rotarians were gathering - also noting there were far less than 100 assembled Rotarians and that those not present would not see their attendance % impacted. Carmen Hall gave the invocation, singing of America the Beautiful ensued, and Lisa Smith facilitated the microphone walk around for the few visitors/guests present. Diane Sanborn noted Jack Draper is recovering at Dobie Rd and the health of the club (though not necessarily the world as a whole) is on strong ground.
President Hanes gave several announcements including: (1) Local grant applications via our Rotary Foundation are open and the deadline is March 31st at midnight, (2) New Member orientation is currently scheduled for March 27th but will likely be cancelled (3) An Endowment presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, May 13th at the Country Club of Lansing from 8-10am and (4) Happy R’s is taking a few weeks off and when they resume it will be at a new location. Stay tuned for more details.
Michelle Reynaert gave a brief overview of the Five Wishes document available at the check in table; a product of Aging with Dignity, this is an easy to use and comprehensive outline to ensuring your loved ones know your wishes for end of life care. Ken Beachler introduced Ursula Glasmacher, a talented violinist who is a senior at Okemos H.S. She earned a standing O from those assembled and will no doubt earn many more in her musical career. Cindy Kangas was thanked for being chair of the day, and Dean Sienko, VP for Health Programs at The Carter Center was introduced as the last-minute fill-in speaker of the day. Living the 4-way test: say “YES” when asked to serve your club.
Sienko acknowledged his prep time and deep knowledge on the details was limited but that he’d do his best to summarize the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. (Hard to tell if that is preferable to a sequel on his Guinea-Worm presentation from last time he spoke, but there’s no doubt he’s got enough medical and global perspective to dive in to the topic at hand.) In a nutshell, Coronavirus – a respiratory disease – was first detected in China and is now sweeping the world. More news is coming out daily on this outbreak, causing a public health emergency of international concern (visit Sienko acknowledged that people will get sick and people will die but the number of each is unknown at this time. Reported illnesses have ranged from very mild, including some with NO reported symptoms, to severe. Older people, including those with severe chronic medical conditions seem to be at higher risk. The numbers are a math game at best, with the denominator missing in the equation. This may have a smaller mortality index than the standard flu (.1%) or it could be worse. There is no immunity and a vaccine is likely months away. Until then, social distancing is the best solution, hence the closing of places and canceling of all the things on your calendar. All. The. Things. If someone coughs in your face, or coughs in their hand then shakes your hand and you touch your face, or you touch a surface that is contaminated, you will likely get it within 2-14 days. (ewwww.) Wash. Sanitize. Take a walk outside. Read a book. Leave masks to the healthcare professionals. Watch smart and credible scientists navigate this challenge and listen to their instructions. DO NOT HOARD TOILET PAPER. Lay low from crowds/people. Flattening the curve is crucial to buy the time that is vital right now. Only time will tell what the 2nd and 3rd order effects of all this intervention will be.
UPDATE: NO ROTARY CLUB MEETINGS will be held through Friday, April 17th.
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Apr 10, 2020
Apr 17, 2020
EmpowHer Program at the Country Club
Apr 24, 2020
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May 01, 2020
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