The Next Meeting:
When: Friday, January 26, 2018
Where: Accident Fund, 200 N. Grand Avenue
Speaker: Diane Wilcox, Marketing & Communications Director @ Wharton
Topic: "Wharton Center"
Chair of the Day: Bob Hoffman
Invocator: TBA
Chair of the Month: Bob Hoffman
Greeter: TBA
Remembrance: Pat Munshaw
Microphone: Maria Lenz
Editarian: Michelle Reynaert
Biography for Susi Elkins, Director of Broadcasting & GM
Susi Elkins is director of Broadcasting and general manager of WKAR Public Media at Michigan State University. WKAR Public Media provides mid-Michigan and the global community with award-winning original programming and the best from PBS and NPR via television channels WKAR-HD, WKAR World and WKAR Create; radio broadcasts at 90.5 FM and FM-HD, AM 870 and WKAR Radio Reading Service; and online at and
Elkins was named to the position in March of 2017, after serving as interim director since May 2016. Prior to May 2016, Elkins served as WKAR television station manager.
As WKAR television station manager, Elkins has overseen all programming, including original content production and partnerships for the station’s three broadcast channels and digital platforms.
Under her leadership, WKAR-TV has been named the Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) Public Television Station of the Year for five consecutive years (2011-2015), and has earned numerous regional Emmy Awards and top awards from the MAB and the National Educational Telecommunication Association, among others.
Prior to her appointment as TV station manager, Elkins served as Content and Community Engagement manager for WKAR, where she oversaw the convergence of media and programming in TV and Radio and the ongoing growth of original content across platforms. Under her direction, WKAR increased capacity for providing experiential learning opportunities for MSU students. Elkins also increased WKAR’s commitment to early childhood education and solidified its reputation as a community institution through strategic partnerships and collaborations.
Elkins holds a bachelor's degree in telecommunication and a master's degree in educational technology, both from MSU.
Items to Bring This Week - Hands On Service Project
For our January/February service project we are going to help restock Cristo-Rey food panty and other necessary items they need following the holidays.  There will be a "Drop Off" bin at our meetings January 12th, January 19th and the last one will be January 26th so we can deliver to Cristo-Rey early February.  All food items must be unopened, unused and not expired.                                                     
Some of the needed items include: 
Dishware:  Silverware (any kind)
Paper Products:  Ziploc Bags, Brown Lunch Bags, Plastic Forks/Knives/Spoons, Napkins
Hygiene Products;  Serving Gloves, Serving Aprons, Dish Soap, Hair Nets
Staples:  Spices, Oil, Brown Sugar, Coffee, Coffee Creamer, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Jelly
Canned Goods:  Pizza Sauce, Tomatoes, Pasta Sauce, Corn, Green Beans and Fruits
*Items in BOLD are of the highest priority.
Social Media
Do you like us on Twitter? Do you like us on Facebook? I know you do not like us on Instagram as we just set up this account, so go like us! We need your help spreading the good work of Rotary and what it is we do for the Lansing Community on all of our social media channels. Going forward we will be awarding a lucky rotarian each week a Biggby Gift card to purchase a coffee on us just for posting about rotary.
Here is how you can take advantage. Post to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Tag our Rotary page and/or use our rotary Hagtag of #LansingRotary and we will draw a winner each week to receive a gift card….oh and one stipulation, you MUST be present at the meeting to win.
Editarian Report for January 12, 2018
This report falls under the category of better late than never. Huge shout out to Cathy who has nerves of steel as the deadline for getting out the Rotogram has long passed. Anyway, back to last week’s meeting. President Brewster called us to order and Sue Hansen, my heroine, really, I mean she should get a major award, for the brevity and clarity of vision of her invocation. Seriously, she was up and down in under 22 seconds and covered all aspects of the 4 way test. All eyes were on the President’s lips as we sang God Bless America. Yay! He got them all right! We were introduced to so many guests today we lost count and became concerned that there wouldn’t be any time for the speaker. Per Sue Mills, the health of the club is shipshape.
Melissa Nay announced the winner of the Social Media post of the week (I’m still stunned that the FB post of a guy on a bike wearing Rotary Spandex didn’t win at least an honorable mention, you know, nice try but we’re really not interested type thing). Jenn Duby had the bins ready for your canned and non perishable items for Christo Rey: DON’T FORGET TO BRING SOMETHING THIS WEEK!  See the list in the Rotogram. 
We also had special music, Ali Darley, a saintly vocalist from St. Thomas Aquinas. She sang two numbers and the second one blew us out of the water and made us forget the first. Orange Colored Sky (Flash, Bam, ala ka zam, beautiful you came by) is definitely her signature song.
Bob Hoffman gave a “Let’s get ready to rrrrRUMBLE” introduction to Lou Anna K. Simon, our speaker of the day. To say the intellectual elite are under siege on multiple fronts in today’s world would be an understatement. Dr. Simon, MSU’s President for those of you living under rocks, presented a dizzying array of statistics surrounding higher education and the challenges it faces. If all you watch is local news, one might think the only competition MSU faces is from Ann Arbor on a football field or basketball court. Hardly so. China has a declared a goal to have 50 of the top 100 universities in the WORLD in our lifetime. And they’re backing it up with public $$ for education. Contrast that with the 90% reduction for Michigan’s public funding for its universities in the last 10 years. Right now the US holds 50 of those top 100 slots. Adapt or perish folks. She emphasized that MSU is making plans for the next 30 years, not the next 30 days.
Although the 20 bottles of seeds Dr. Beal buried at the Beal Gardens is impressive by 1879 standards, for MSU to remain relevant it must constantly demonstrate that what it offers to students is a good value proposition. MSU pushes to make sure it remains a good value. MSU is #1 in the state for economic mobility (assisting students starting out on lower rungs of the ladder and making it further up). Dr. Simon cited a bevy of other firsts and top tens for MSU, but I was most impressed with economic mobility. What MSU has done for mid Michigan Arts and Culture doesn’t get the press it deserves, but should, because that’s what the next generation is looking for in a community. In order to attract top talent, universities and communities must have top attractions which include arts, culture, and public infrastructure. I’m thinking her power point was going to be made available to our group on our website, so look for and if it’s not there, don’t call me, I’m just a lowly scribe. President Brewster thanked Dr. Simon for her remarks and she took one softball question on the “me too” issue and addressed it as adroitly and deftly as possible.
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Feb 02, 2018
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Feb 09, 2018
"Security: It's as Easy as 1-2-3" @ Lansing Center
Feb 16, 2018
"Hunger in Our Community: Who It Impacts and What Can We Do About It?"
Feb 23, 2018
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