No Meeting This Friday, July 1, 2022
     We will not meet this Friday, July 1, 2022 due to the Independence Day Holiday.  Enjoy your weekend and please be safe.
     Our next meeting will be Friday, July 8 at Rotary Park with Saddleback BBQ catering our lunch.  See you then!
July Birthdays
Angel, SusanJul 04
Aylward, DanJul 18
Beckwith, RonaldJul 24
Corwin, BobJul 10
Dean, KellieJul 15
Dixon, JamesJul 11
Krick, KatieJul 14
McKee, RobertJul 17
Shaheen, RalphJul 01
Smith, LisaJul 06
Editarian Report for June 24, 2022
President Sue Hansen called the meeting to order, ringing the bell with one hand, while the other held a short glass filled with an amber liquid that was possibly but not likely iced tea. A reminder to secure your get out of jail free card (ahem, parking validation) was given, lest anyone be stuck in the concrete jungle gym and have to spend the rest of the day drowning their sorrows at MP Social. That’d be a darn shame. But if you called President Sue, she’d likely join you.
A timely UPS delivery prompted Ben Rathbun to join the stage, which was oddly lacking a podium. A reflection, entitled Things I would be thankful for if I was Rotary President, centered us all on good, positive intentions, via a pink-post-it-pad of points starting the descent to darkness for President Sue. Singing of a traditional patriotic song was swapped with a Sparty-led virtual orchestra; Spartan Rotarians were first on their feet for the MSU Fight Song while others appeared to be WEAKENING.
Brenda Geoghegan facilitated the introductions of family, friends, visitors, and guests who showed up to witness the end of President Hansen’s tenure at the helm of the Club. Micki Pasteur took the mic, formally apologizing to those assembled for being Sue’s sponsor to join Rotary many years before.
President Hansen led those assembled in the 4-way test, a true comedy given that the rest of the meeting is most certain to NOT be fair, nor beneficial to Sue. In good news, Dave O’Leary is recovering from his recent fall, home and resting; please keep him in your thoughts and send good wishes for continued healing.
Kudos were given to Courtney Millbrook, Chair of the month, and Kevin Schumacher, Chair of the Day, for putting together the day’s program. Kevin kicked the pomp and circumstances off by re-casting “What’s My Line?”, a guessing game show from the 1950s in which panelists seek to determine the occupation/identity of a famous mystery guest. It’s a mystery why this show ever went off the air. Host Kevin invited the guest panelists play, allowing them to only ask yes or no questions of Sue Hansen, Semi-Professional Birthday Queen. The assembled studio audience delighted in the arrival of Arlene Francis, Hollywood starlet (Nicole Baumer), Car-dealer King Bobby Bolivia (Jeff Crippen), Scientist Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (Kurt Guter), and school-skipper Ferris Bueller (Chris Holman), who reminded everyone that life moves pretty quickly sometimes. Their challenge: to figure out what it is that Sue actually does. Through questioning, it became clear that she’s held a lot of jobs, but frequently comes up short(er) than others. Questions from panelists revealed her involvement in a Spartan Warrior Club and the realization that Sue has worn a lot of hats, mostly while golfing, which she seems to do a LOT. Her skill in golf remains questionable but is rumored to be better than her piano and accordion skills. Her hobbies were confirmed to involve dancing and include the use of cups that hold amber liquid gold. The sleuthing was a success; it was confirmed Sue is a Rotary President. Game Show Host Kevin then welcomed music act String, Wind and Percussion (cousins of Earth, Wind and Fire), which included perspiring/aspiring musicians Pat Hanes, Mark Hooper and John Pence to perform a cover of Gloria Gaynor to honor the induction of President-Elect Courtney Millbrook. At first she was afraid. She was petrified. But she grew strong when she viewed Rotary as a song. She’ll use the 4-way-test, figure out the rest… she will survive. There’s no doubt that we’ll all thrive. If you missed the live-performance, be sure to catch Cathy Zell or someone else who had a smart-phone in hand shooting video… or just check Tik-Tok. I’m sure it’s already there.
President Sue acknowledged the studio audience for their support and expressed her happiness to pass the gavel in two weeks to President-Elect Courtney Millbrook. She then presented a special gift to Diane Sanborn for her leadership of the Foundation this past year. A gift was provided to Sue by Courtney, signaling the end of the agony-filled agenda. President Courtney will lead our next meeting, Friday, July 8th, which will be held in Rotary Park. Rotarians, raise your glasses…CHEERS to a great year, President Sue, and thank you for your service to the Club.
Respectfully submitted by Michelle Reynaert,
Please start the video at 43 minutes, forgive me.....thank you.
Jul 08, 2022
catered by Saddleback BBQ
Jul 15, 2022
Capital Region International Airport
Jul 22, 2022
Aug 05, 2022
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