The Next Meeting:
When: Friday, February 23rd, 2018
Where: The Lansing Center, 2nd Floor
What: New Member Presentations
Who: Maria Lenz, Julie Thomasma and Scott Duimstra
Invocator: Michelle Reynaert
Chair of the Month: Anne Cauley
Greeters: Kurt Hanus
Remembrance: Dick Ammons
Microphone: Lisa Smith
Editarian: TBA
Biography for Joe Wald
Joe received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan and his MBA from the Harvard Business School. He also completed a Fellowship in Healthcare Marketing from Northwestern University.
Joe has owned his own businesses in both Manufacturing and Consulting. He worked for Sparrow Hospital for 21 years as Director of Marketing; Spokesperson; Vice President of Community Services; and President of the Sparrow Foundation. He retired from Sparrow in 2007. Joe was also a member of the faculty at MSU in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences from 2007 – May 2017 when he retired from MSU.
In 2011, Joe was asked to step in as Interim Executive Director of the Greater Lansing Food Bank. In 2012, the “Interim” title was removed. Under Joe’s leadership, the area’s two food banks were merged into one, the Greater Lansing Food Bank (GLFB), effective July 1, 2012. Feeding America membership status was achieved in 2013. The Greater Lansing Food Bank is the regional food bank serving the people of 7 counties in central Michigan. The GLFB has increased distribution from approximately 5 million pounds of food in 2012 to more than 8 million pounds of nutritious food in 2017, touching the lives of nearly 100,000 residents of the mid-Michigan region. Unfortunately, the need continues to grow.
Joe is married to Cheryl who serves as CFO for Mason Public Schools and has recently completed terms as the Board President of two statewide organizations. They have two grown sons (and a daughter-in-law) residing in Chicago and Seattle, and one very special 1 ½ year- old grandson and an equally special new little grand-daughter born this past December.
Special Music for Friday, February 16th
TELL YO MAMA is a seven piece Soulful, Funky Rock Group from Lansing.  The mission is to make music that moves you!  The band has a wide range of stylistically diverse original music.  Delving into Soul, Funk, Rock, and the Blues and much more.  The band includes:                                                        
  • Jacqueline Baldori:  Vocals, Percussion                                               
  • Lucas Holliday:  Vocals, Percussion
  • Eric Kloeckner:  Keys, Vocoder, Percussion, Harmonica
  • Martin Mclean:  Saxophone, Keys, Vocals
  • Adrian Bryant:  Bass Guitar
  • Michael Loomis:  Guitar
  • Ray Crane:  Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation Grant Applications
The Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation is pleased to announce that applications for 2018 Local Grant Funding are now being accepted. Grant applications are due by Friday, March 16. The Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation will award Local Grants in two categories: Community Grants (awards up to $9,999) and Signature Project Grants (awards over $10,000). More information about the grant process and a link to the on-line application can be found at the Rotary Club of Lansing’s website ([] under the “Foundation” tab or Click Here.  All applications MUST be submitted through the on-line system.
Know Your Rotarian!
The following story is from one of your fellow Rotarians.  We want to engage the club, so read the story, correctly guess the Rotarian and win a prize!  If there isn't a winner, the Rotarian providing the story wins the prize!  Send your guesses to Kevin at:

The traffic on Cedar Street was light as I was southbound going back to my office.  The early spring morning sun was almost overhead in a cloudless blue sky.  The brown Oldsmobile caught my attention as it was heading north toward me but weaving in and out of the center turn lane.  Great, a drunk driver at 11:00 in the morning.  Then the Olds left the center lane and seemed to take direct aim across the two northbound lanes and accelerating straight at the Flapjack Shack on the east side of the road.  The car dove down into the ditch and became airborne coming out of the east side of the ditch.  The car was still in the air when it slammed into the parking lot light pole where the car came to a stop on top of the light pole.  I could no longer see the driver.  I cranked my steering wheel to the left and pulled into the parking lot next to the Oldsmobile.  The driver was slumped over the steering wheel, unconscious, not breathing and to my amazement with no smell of alcohol anywhere.  My Eagle Scout and life guard training must have come back to me without me even being aware of it. The paramedics later told me that my mouth to mouth resuscitation is what allowed them to get him to the hospital alive and conscious.  Unfortunately he later passed away from the heart attack he had suffered in his car.  That was more than 30 years ago and I still remember the details of that day like it was yesterday.


Editarian Report for February 9, 2018
On this very snowy Friday, a surprising number of Rotarians braved the elements to attend to-day’s meeting. President Brewster called the meeting to order at 12:30 pm.
Invocation: Teresa Kmetz delivered the invocation for the day.
Patriotic Song: Ken Beachler introduced the song, America the Beautiful
Introduction of guests: With Lisa Smith’s microphone assistance, Jack Davis introduced George Loomis, today’s one and only guest who was visiting Rotary for the third time.
Remembrance Report: On behalf of Dick Ammons, President Brewster announced that the health of the club is great.
Announcements: Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation president, Nick Heriford, announced that the application process for local grants is now open. Application access is available through the Rotary Club of Lansing website, A word of caution is that it is best to ac-cess the link through a computer because the link is not available by smartphone. Nick asked Rotarians to point local organizations in the direction of Rotary so that they, too, can apply for funds—but only after carefully studying the areas of relevance. Applications are due by March 16th at noon and grant awards will be announced in May or June.
Kevin Schumacher announced what he called an advanced Loftus Day directive, in other words an opportunity to submit a paragraph long bio containing little known facts about of one-self without a name attached—for inclusion in the Rotogram. The purpose of this offbeat bio is to increase Rotogram readership by seeing if Rotarians can guess who the description is for. The Rotarian who guesses correctly wins a $10 gift card to Biggby’s. If NOBODY guesses, as happened today, the person who submitted the description receives the gift card. Today’s win-ner was Julie Pingston, who told about traveling to Peru without her parents’ knowledge and who, as her last supper in Peru before returning home, ate ‘guinea pig’. Nobody in the club guessed that this description matched Julie!
Special Music: While the club missed John Dale Smith’s background music today, all were treated to a special musical guest who was introduced by Courtney Millbrook of the Lansing Symphony. Courtney’s guest today was Yi-Jia Susanne Hou, a world-renowned violinist who will be performing with the Lansing Symphony tomorrow evening. Susanne, who was born in Shanghai, raised in Toronto, and now lives in Paris, will be be performing the Mendelssohn Vi-olin Concerto tomorrow evening. The symphony orchestra will also be performing pieces by Mo-zart and Korngold. Based on the wonderful music that followed, it is clear that this is a concert not to be missed!
While almost anything about her can be learned on Wikipedia, Susanne shared a few additional details. First, as a child growing up in Canada, her reward for practicing violin 4-5 hours per day was tobogganing on a hill next to her home. She loves the snow and even invited Rotarians for a snowball fight after the meeting! Second, Susanne knew no English when she first arrived in Toronto and it was her father who taught her to play the violin. Her first public performance, in frigid Thunder Bay, was a duet with her dad when she was five. After their performance, when everybody clapped, Susanne had to ask her father what this clapping meant. He explained that applause is a sign of appreciation that, like music, speaks its own universal language.
Our guest artist then shared a concerto segment that will be performed tomorrow night, one her father began teaching her, phrase by phrase, at the age of eight. Each time she returns to this concerto, she discovers new things about it, and considers it filled with life and love. Susanne played it magnificently and, many years after her very first performance, clearly understood the club’s appreciation when everyone clapped so loudly at the end.
Speaker: Chair of the Month and Chair of the Day Anne Cauley introduced today’s guest, Mark Alley. Mr. Alley is the Vice President of Global Protective Services and Public Affairs at Emer-gent Biosolutions. After receiving his BS from Ferris State and his MS from MSU, Mr. Alley was with the Lansing Police Department for 24 years (including ten years as Lansing Chief of Po-lice). Since being introduced to Emergent Biosolutions by Anne Cauley and starting there in 2010, he has managed corporate protective services, business continuity, emergency manage-ment, internal and external communications, and charitable giving at the Lansing location.
Mr. Alley’s talk was called “Security: It’s as Easy as 1-2-3”. He talked about the need for compa-nies, large and small, to protect their assets from a variety of incidents, including crimes against property, assaults, fire, workplace violence, terrorism, bomb threats, civil unrest, and suspicious mail. It’s not just about you but also about your employees. How comfortable are you with them? Does their security mindset match yours?
To protect your people and assets, a first step is to develop a security plan, the process of which will help your company to identify its weaknesses. Employees must be trained on this se-curity plan and reasonable steps must be taken to address the weaknesses that have been identified.
Mr. Alley has available for Rotarians a security plan template and instruction manual. To receive this template and instruction manual, simply email Mr. Alley at or phone him at 517-327-6824.
An important takeaway from this presentation was that a layered security approach is best. Each layer alone can deter or prevent an incident but, in combination, the security value is multi-plied many times over, creating a stronger and harder to impact target.
Among the security measures discussed include closed circuit television (CCTV); access card systems (in place of keys); perimeter protection (including a variety of fences with different heights and protections at the top like Razor Wire); crash rated barriers (in which higher K val-ues correlate to an ability to withstand impacts at higher speeds); perimeter intrusion detection systems (such as a shaker wire system or underground fiber optic cable); long range motion de-tection, infrared beam sensors, and virtual fence alarms (that include video analytics and micro-wave beam sensors); propriety or contract security officers (armed or unarmed, uniformed or uninformed); and metal detectors and x-ray scanners.
Local police or sheriff departments are a great source for conducting security assessments free of charge. Also, partnering with other businesses can help towards defraying security costs.
The following are some excellent resources:
  • City of Houston Preparedness Videos: Access at
  •  Run. Hide. Fight.—This is a video about what do do if you ever encounter an active shooter. Mr. Alley called it realistic, excellent. very practical, and a great resource.
In closing, Mr. Alley reminded our Rotary club that a committed criminal will figure out how to get past even the most extensive security measures. Adding security infrastructure can be ex-pensive and comes with service contracts and repair and replacement costs. Be sure to under-stand your total cost of ownership prior to buying and know ahead of time who is going to be monitoring the security systems you put in place.
In lieu of a speaker’s gift, President Brewster presented Mr. Alley with a coin demonstrating Ro-tary’s 4-way test and told him that money will be donated to the club’s Bio Sand Filter project in the Dominic Republic.
President Darwin adjourned today's meeting at 1:30 p.m.
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