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When:  Friday, June 3, 2022
Where:  The Lansing Center, Second Floor
Speaker:  Barb Kranz, Assist. Provost & Eric Boatman, Assist. Direcor, Institutional Space Planning & Management
Title:  "MSU Campus Space and Facility Planning - Highlights"
Chair of the Day:  Janet Lillie
Health of the Club:  TBA
Reflection:  TBA
Chair of the Month:  Janet Lillie
Editarian:   Linda Lynch
Biography for Michael Stratton
Michael Stratton is a psychotherapist, author, and DJ. He earned his Bachelors Degree from Aquinas College. After working for several years at St. Lawrence Hospital in Lansing on the psychiatric inpatient and the intensive outpatient units, he went on to get his Masters in Social Work from Michigan State University. He worked at Health Central and then Child and Family Services in their outpatient departments before establishing his own private practice in 1987. His current focus is on working with trauma, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse disorders.
Michael’s speaking career has taken him from Maui to Montreal giving talks on dreams, creativity, motivational interviewing, and recovery.
Requests from audiences to purchase a book he hadn’t yet written motivated Michael to craft the novel Everybody Dreams. Set in Lansing and East Lansing, the book depicts the formulation of a Dream Group by a local therapist who is troubled by her own disturbing dreams. His latest book, The Little Green Book (a guide to breaking up with marijuana), contains a diagnostic tool for assessing cannabis use as well as a partial memoir.
As a long-time music lover, Michael approached Lansing Community College in 1997 with the idea of hosting a classic jazz radio show. He hosted “The Vinyl Side of Midnight” for almost 20 years until WLNZ leased their airwaves to talk oriented Michigan Radio. Shortly after, he was approached by WKAR to begin broadcasting a similar styled show in East Lansing. Michael has hosted “A Groove Supreme” since Christmas night 2021.
Michael lives with his wife Cathie Blumer in downtown Lansing. His daughter, Maggie Gerich, is a partner in the Flanders/Gerich Real Estate Group. Michael and Cathie have three grandchildren. He is still in private practice in East Lansing.
Art Walk in Downtown Lansing 
2:00-4:00 p.m. Art Walk in Downtown Lansing – Join us as members of the Lansing Rotary Club take you on a tour of the art of downtown Lansing, many of the pieces were donated by Lansing Rotarians.
 Lansing Rotarians, Julie Pingston and Ben Rathbun will meet the group in the front entryway of the Lansing Center at 2:00 p.m. 
• Along Michigan Avenue we will highlight Rotary Park with the Inspiration Sculpture and Sign Language; Portrait of A Dreamer sculpture; LaFille Gallery; Rotary Clock Tower; Let     Me In mural on the Parking ramp.
• Walk down Washington Square to Nelson Gallery and Bobby will tell us all about the gallery.
• Walk to the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center and Michelle Carlson will tell us about the gallery.
• Walk past the State Capitol Building and talk about its cultural importance.
• Return to the Lansing Center. Along the way we can also highlight the 517 Art Search app, LCC's Sculpture Walk, ArtPath22.
Trip to India
Hello Fellow Rotarians,
We are thrilled to announce that we will be taking a group to India to participate in a National Polio Immunization Day this September. You can find more information on our website:
Please feel free to share this information with the Rotarians and clubs in your District as soon as possible as the size of this group will be limited and confirmations in the program will be on a first come, first served basis. We expect this trip to be filled within the next week or two.
In 2015, India was declared polio free, and polio is now endemic in only two countries. As a result, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to participate in a NID worldwide. This may be one of the last opportunities you will have to join a trip to participate in polio NID activities.
Trip Highlights: We travel to Delhi, India to participate in the polio NID activities and attend other related Rotary events. In addition, we travel to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, and the magnificent Pink City of Jaipur to visit the famous Rotary Jaipur Limb factory.
Date of Departure: Friday, September 09, 2022
Date of Return: Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Per person cost, based on double occupancy: $2,599. This price includes hotel accommodations, most meals, sightseeing, Rotary events, participation in the NID activities, transfers, English speaking guide, and other items.
This price does not include international, roundtrip airfare or Indian visa fees. Participants are free to secure their own air reservations using their frequent flyer mileage, or individual purchase. Howard Tours will be happy to help you purchase airline tickets, which can be requested on the trip application.
To mitigate the risk of COVID, the size of this group will be limited, and all participants must be fully vaccinated.
If interested, please contact Cathy at: and she will forward you a detailed flyer.

Diane Sanborn
Editarian Report for May 13, 2022
Past President Julie Pingston called the meeting to order with the ringing of the bell. Pat Munshaw gave a reflection which considered the fact that it was Nurses Week and that our speaker would be talking on healthcare. We all joined in singing America the Beautiful.
Benjamin Rathbun circulated the mic for the introduction of guests of which there were several including Steven Melnyk who has transferred into the Lansing Club. Then Past President Julie led us all in reciting the Rotary 4 Way Test. In the Health of the Club, Pat Munshaw noted a couple of members currently have COVID-19, and felt they caught it in large groups.
Past President Julie presented a Red Badge to Travis Stolicker of Saddleback BBQ. Courtney Millbrook spoke of a change to the meeting schedule where we will have one meeting per month that will be non-programmed/social in nature, in response to member feedback; when the social meetings are on Thursday evenings the Friday Lunch meeting will be cancelled for that week.
Past President Julie re-announced that Nick Herford will be President-Elect starting in July. She announced that we will have about 30 visiting Rotarians at the next meeting who will be in town for the District Convention; she also mentioned the related art walk, proclamation from Lansing City Council, and other related details.
In Rotarians doing great things, Julie announced Terry Terry was honored by the Jazz Alliance of Mid-Michigan, Ben Rathbun received the LRCC Outstanding Small Business Award, and Carmen Turner is receiving the LRCC Community Service Award. She also mentioned that Ben is now engaged.
Anne Cauley was the Chair of the Day and Month. She spoke a bit about her history in healthcare as a former nurse and Pat Munshaw was at one time her boss. She introduced Brian Peters, CEO of the Michigan Health & Hospital Association.
Brian Peters began by acknowledging nurses and other healthcare professionals; he stated that in these times with the pandemic, short staffing, and other factors how we need to show grace to healthcare professionals. Brian’s talk centered on four mega-trends in the healthcare. Those trends being that healthcare is becoming more integrated, value driven, transparent and reliant on public policy and politics. Some of the salient points of his talk included that 65% of physicians are now employed by the hospital system as opposed to being in private practice. He spoke about the potential impact of the anticipated overturning of Roe v. Wade. He addressed the fact that politicians are hearing healthcare concerns on the campaign trail. He spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic; as of that morning there were 900 people hospitalized, while the peak number was 4,000. He related that the emerging trends in healthcare include the expansion of behavioral health, DEI and health equity, workforce issues, and cybersecurity.
Julie announced that we will donate to the Lansing Rotary Foundation in honor of our speaker, Brian Peters. She gave details of the next meeting and rang the bell for adjournment.
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May 27, 2022
Jun 03, 2022
"MSU Campus Space and Facility Planning - Highlights" at MSU
Jun 10, 2022
Children Trust Michigan and The Transformation of Prevention in Michigan
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