Zoom Meeting July 24, 2020
You will receive an invitation containing the link and password to log-on to Zoom in an email from President Julie on Wednesday.
WHEN DOES THE MEETING START?  Here is the schedule:
  • At 12:00 pm the Zoom room will be available for our "breakout room/virtual tables" to have a conversation with other members.  President Julie will draw us all back into the main meeting room at 12:28 pm
  • At 12:30 pm the meeting will be called to order
  • At approximately 12:55 pm we will introduce our speaker
  • Speaker will start at approximately 1:00 pm
  • Meeting concludes at 1:30 pm
SPEAKER:  Chris Swope, Lansing City Clerk
TOPIC:  "Elections - My How Things Have Changed.  Voting Under a Pandemic and Proposal 3 of 2018."
FOLLOW UP:  Please keep your microphone muted when you are listening.  Be aware of the lighting in your room, a well lit room with natural light if possible.  Please feel free to use Chat throughout the meeting.  If you have any questions for the speakers, ask them through Chat.
Biography for DG Nathan Triplett
Nathan joined the Rotary Club of East Lansing in 2009 and served as 2012- 2013 Club President. He has previously served as District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair, Assis-tant Governor, and Rotary Leadership Institute facilitator. The Foundation is Nathan’s Rotary passion. He is a Major Donor and a Charter Member of District 6360’s Paul Harris Society.
Nathan served as a member of the East Lansing City Council from 2007-2015 and, at 30, was elected as the youngest Mayor in the community’s history. He served on the Michi-gan Municipal League’s (MML) Board of Trustees and was elected MML President. To-day, Triplett serves as Chairman of the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA), Vice President of the ACLU of Michigan, and serves on the boards of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, the MML Foundation, and the Tri-County Regional Planning Commis-sion. He also Chairs the Rules Committee and serves as Parliamentarian of the Michigan Democratic Party. Nathan is an Eagle Scout who volunteers as District Chairman for the Chief Okemos District of the Boy Scouts of America.
Nathan is a recipient of the Governor’s Service Award, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce 10 Over the Next 10 Award, the Michigan State University (MSU) Distin-guished Young Alumni Award, and the Arts Council of Greater Lansing’s inaugural Civic Leadership Award.
Triplett graduated from MSU’s James Madison College in 2006 with degrees in Political Theory, Constitutional Democracy and Social Relations. He holds a Master of Public Poli-cy degree from the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy and a Juris Doctor from the MSU College of Law. Professionally, Nathan serves as Democratic Legal Counsel for the Michigan House of Representatives. He lives in East Lansing with his wife, Sarah, and their son, Teddy.
Jack Draper's Family
Anyone who would like to send a card to Jack Draper's daughter her address is:  John & Carolyn Johnson, 909 Sunset Lane, East Lansing 48823.  Thank you,
Editarian Report for July 10, 2020
Noon: The distaff members come out of solitary confinement at 12:10 PM when Incoming President Julie Pingston welcomes all comers to a “chat room” for a colloquy much enjoyed by early arrivals.
12:20 Call to Order for the rest of us inmates, which, in order not to interrupt we kept our microphones on mute, but not our cameras. Takes one back to the daguerreotype days those images.
12:22 Joel Hoffman For our Invocation read a poem by Sara Ismael “The concept of Normality” describing the personal emotional disconnection for the disabled from the “normal” world.
12:37 John Dale Smith offered a version of “God bless America” which from my speakers must have been recorded with a Crystal Set.
12:41 Visitors were introduced by Joel Hoffman followed by a Memoria for Jack Draper, a Rotarian for 67 years, from his son John and a letter from Sue Davis thanking us for the flowers for Jack. Two grand Rotarians lost within a month. We will adjust to their passing but Rotary will never be the same.
Incoming President Julie shared a brief bio assuring us we were in good hands and that the only key to the Rotary clock tower was in her possession. After assuring us she was not a lawyer, apparently atypical of Rotary Presidents, she explained the other newly elected area Presidents and her were Sympatico for the year.
12:47 Special music: Featured a huge Coast Guard brass band playing a medley of arm forces tunes that, again, my speakers couldn’t do justice but was amazing since they seemed to also be hiding in place from the evil Covid. Didn’t see the conductor so how they kept it together I’ll never know. But they did.
12:52 After being instructed how to pose questions of the speaker on “chat”
The Joel Hoffman show resumed as he turned to Janet Lillie to introduce our speaker. Sarah Swierenga PhD. Director of Usability/Accessibility Research and Consulting (UARC) apologized for Michael Hudson not being available so the topic was changed to “Can People with disabilities access your website and why it matters” While computer generated artificial voice, the original topic, was mentioned briefly most of the time was spend explaining the importance and exigencies of assuring that our web sites were accessible by the 20 % of adults with disabilities. Hearing, visual, physical and cognitive impairment require special adaptation of websites that can be a legal and social justice issue (see ADA and refreshed Section 508). Extensive grants and research in her lab have created guidelines available at WCAG and her website VARC.MSU.EDU. It was fun to hear someone with such passion and commitment to her discipline despite its esotericism.
Next week we will be visited by some serious power in the person of Nathan Triplett Rotary District Governor. Office on deck, ten shun.
Jim McGillicuddy's email is:
Jul 24, 2020
"Elections - My How Things Have Changed. Voting Under a Pandemic & Proposal 3 of 2018"
Jul 31, 2020
Aug 07, 2020
Aug 14, 2020
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