Next Meeting:
When:Friday,  January 18, 2019
Where:Lansing Center, First Floor
Speaker:Nick Grueser, President Lansing Lugnuts
Topic:"Overview of the Lugnuts Baseball & Ignite Soccer Teams"
Time: Noon
Chair of the Day:Lesa Smith
Remembrance:Diane Sanborn
Chair of the Month:Lesa Smith
Greeter:Jeff Crippen
Editarian:Michelle Reynaert
Biography for William Cosby & Todd Gute
Bill Cosby, Director of Sales
Bill joined Burcham Hills as Director of Sales in February of 2017. His responsibilities include the implementation and management of sales and marketing programs, strategies and processes to achieve Burcham’s annual sales and occupancy goals. Prior to joining Burcham Hills, Bill spent five years as the Marketing Director of Henry Ford Village; the second largest senior living community in Michigan. Bill holds a Master’s degree in Health Administration from Louisiana State University and an undergraduate degree from Central Michigan University. He lives in Haslett with his wife and three children.
Todd Gute, AIA, LEEED AP- Architect, President MAYOTTEgroup Architects
Todd joined MAYOTTEgroup in 1995, and currently serves as its president. Todd (and MAYOTTEgroup) have worked with the Burcham community since 2000 and have designed several building additions and renovations for them. MAYOTTEgroup Architects has been committed to excellence in the practice of Architecture in Mid-Michigan since 1958. Throughout its history, it has been responsible for several landmark buildings in Lansing. Todd holds two degrees in architecture from Lawrence Tech University in Southfield, MI and has been licensed to practice architecture since 1990. He lives with his wife in Grand Ledge who together have three grown children. Todd and his family also have hosted and maintained relationships with four foreign exchange students from Europe and Asia.
January Birthdays
Buzun, DariaJan 01
Haskins, GabrielleJan 01
Neal, RachelleJan 03
Slocum, StevenJan 03
Lillie, JanetJan 04
Coenen, KentJan 08
Hamilton-Allen, VickiJan 08
Taylor, BrianJan 10
Schaberg, RichJan 13
Holman, J. ChristopherJan 17
Bauer, JoanJan 21
Schwartz, BerlJan 24
Schroeder, DeniseJan 26
Kane, WilliamJan 27
Kandow, CaseyJan 29
Save the Date for Rotary Cheer!
Plan to start January off with fun and fellowship with Lansing Rotarians!  The Club will be hosting a social reception for Rotarians and a guest on Wednesday, January 23 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center in the Red Cedar Room.  Please RSVP to Cathy if you're able to join in the camaraderie with fellow Rotarians.
Editarian Report for January 4th, 2019
On this comparatively mild and sunny January day, the club resumed after three weeks away. Today’s meeting was called to order at 12:30 pm by President Dennis Fliehman.
INVOCATION— Dick Ammons Mr. Ammons’ invocation expressed gratitude that every person is born with unique gifts that set them apart. “Be grateful for your gifts and aware of what is yet to be discovered.” Gifts are sometimes overlooked for seeming so natural but pay attention anyway and use your gift. How you use it is what makes it unique although one is never more or less than anyone else. “For our gifts, thank you, Father. Amen”
PATRIOTIC SONG: National Anthem
INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS AND VISITING ROTARIANS: Brian Taylor Today’s visitors were: Brad Funkhouser, the new CEO of CATA, who was introduced by Sandy Dragoo. Tammy Lemmer of the Haslett Okemos Rotary Club Ben Frederick, who moved recently from Boston, Chuck Fields of Everidge,  Terrence McCarthy of PNC’s asset management group, Will Roberts, a wealth management strategist at PNC, who was introduced by Al Yambor
HEALTH OF THE CLUB: Diane Sanborn stated that the health of the club is good.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: President Dennis Fliehman
1. Happy New Year! Don’t forget about our “Holiday” party on January 23rd at the Kellogg Center from 5-7 pm. Cash bar and hors d’oeuvres. See the Rotogram for details. Please RSVP.
 2. Paul Traynor made a flag presentation from Devils Lake, North Dakota where his 92-year-old dad has been a Rotarian since 1951 and still has his license to practice law. It was entertaining to hear Paul refer to MI as a warmer, souther climate. After a month in ND, Paul’s flight back to Michigan entailed 13 inches of snow and 40 mph winds.
3. Rick Foster, a longtime (but not recent) member of the Lansing Rotary passed away in September. Since he was not listed in the obituaries at the time of his death, this is recent news. There will be a memorial service tomorrow. A moment of silence was held in Rick’s memory by the club.
4. Birthday Question of the Month What is on your bucket list? (this month’s question)
Go on an Alaskan hunt (same as birthday chair)
Travel to Spain (Michelle)
Pray for peace so can return to Cameroon (Peter)
Participate in the M22 challenge at Sleeping Bear (Julie)
Do something with horses (Lisa)
Money raised this month: $650
5. Jack announced that Barb Whitney is going to have an exhibit of her art at the Hannah Center on Sunday. As the head of the Lansing Art Gallery, what an exciting opportunity!
TODAY’S SPEAKER: Edythe (Edee) Copeland, CEO of Capital Area Michigan Works!
Jack introduced Edee Copeland who was just married on January 1! Through her work at Capital Area Michigan Works! (CAMW), Ms. Copeland manages talent recruitment throughout the region. Because she came with a detailed PowerPoint, only some key points follow:
  1.  Ms. Copeland believes K-12 education must be included in the conversation about future jobs in the region. We are going to need a larger and more talented work force in the future and this very much depends on the messages we send our children through the schools.
  2.  CAMW’s Mission: Connect with business and strengthen the workforce.
  3.  Businesses are CAMW’s primary customers but also serve a broad of individuals, from recent high school graduates to retirees looking to return to the workforce, from no skills to highly skilled. CAMW’s work extends to advanced degrees, too.
  4.  A misconception is that CAMW serves only poor individuals. This is not true!
  5.  CAMW is actually a network of resources—a one stop center for individuals or companies that are looking for workers.
  6.  CAMW frequently acts like a human resources department for smaller firms—labor analysis, wages, advertising, job description, job search engines, pre-screening for firms, everything but determination of who will be hired.
  7.  CAMW also work as a resource for large companies, working directly with their HR departments.
  8.  CAMW is also a resource for job seekers—resume writing, cover letters, mock interviews, how to fill out an application, how to stop smoking before going in for a drug test etc.
  9.  All classes are free and are offered at their three centers.
  10.  Services to businesses are free of charge, too. See hand-out for list
  11.  Terry Sand is a good person to talk to about services that can be available to companies.
  12.  CAMW is not an unemployment agency
  13.  CAMW is separate from the Michigan Works Association but works closely with them.
  14.  It is a special unit of the government.
  15.  Teach Talent Thrive (T3) is the education arm of the workforce board throughout the tri-try-county area. T3 provides opportunities for young people. T3’s goal is to make Lansing an exemplary STEAM region for the US. It is comprised of a business council (major businesses in area) and an advisory council (Community Foundation, United Way, LEAP, School Superintendents). No matter where they live, at the end of the day, all of our region’s kids are our kids. Kids need to know about, and have, the best opportunities possible in the Lansing region. A first of its kind My Career Quest Capital Area Event will help. Consider this an invitation to companies to participate in this event where 5000 youngsters grades 8-10 will be at the Lansing Center for the day on April 26, 2019. Companies should bring in hands on activities so that young people can touch, feel, and experience new opportunities.
  16.  All students do NOT have to graduate from high school and go to college. Plenty of employers will now pay for someone’s education down the road. Nevertheless, students must first graduate from high and be ready for some kind of post education training. There are mostly apprenticeships in health care, IT, and manufacturing. T3’s job is to expose young people to all kinds of opportunities that are available to them without them necessarily going to college and incurring so much debt that they are still living in their parents’ basement a long time later. College is not for everybody so, when it’s not, let’s avoid $60-100K debt for that student..
  17.  CAWM also has a Reverse Jobs Fair where employees walk around a table and students sit there, trying to sell themselves to employers. Portfolios are welcome.
  18.  Numbers served to date: 2017—252,423 individuals served at three centers 379 adults and dislocated workers (actually enrolled with some type of financial assistance)
497 businesses with business services team (manufacturing, health care and construction)
In lieu of a speaker’s gift, money has been donated in Ms. Copeland’s name to the Bio Sand Filter Water project to provide pure water to developing communities in the Dominican Republic.
NEXT WEEK: Our next meeting will be January 11th, 2019 at the Lansing Center, our speakers will be Bill Cosby & Todd Gute on Senior Living Communities Across the US
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