Next Meeting:
When:Friday, June 21, 2019
Where:The Lansing Center, First Floor
Speakers:Foundation President Elect John Person
Topic:Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation Annual Meeting
Chair of the Day:  John Person
Chair of the Month:Jordan Sutton
Remembrance:Diane Sanborn
Greeter:Susan Angel
Editarian:Michelle Reynaert
Rotary Park Update
Click on the link below to see a video of the work being done on Rotary Park which is on track for an August Completion date.  Please also mark your calendar for the Ribbon Cutting, Wednesday, August 21 at noon (rain date Thursday, August 22 at noon).   CLICK HERE
Art Survey
Below is the link that Erin Schor was referring to in her presentation last Friday. 
Editarian Report
12:30PM Called to order by Dennis Fliehman, “President Dennis” we silenced our cell phones and were reminded of the benefits, challenges and promises of our togetherness by Michelle Reynaert’s invocation. And although they never met Kathy Bate’s lyrical adaptation of the poem “America” when set to music by organist Samuel Ward was the perfect patriotic reminder of this Flag Day. We are truly blessed.
Guests were handed the mic by Stan Samuel for a rousing Rotary greeting and Diane Sanborn assured us we were in excellent health. His Honor offered us a chance for a service trip to Guatemala for the intrepid of heart. Sort of rotary’s answer to the caravans only in reverse. He then proudly presented Lynn Grubb her red badge making her an official Rotarian in the Lansing club which she accepted with aplomb (speaking of intrepid). Melanie Dart in honor of her son and daughter-in-law providing us with our newest Rotarian (someday) and her first grandson Jack Rollin Howland was proffered the famous silver spoon.
There will be a Rotary Club U-35 mixer June 27 at 5:30 PM at the Lansing Brewing Company complete with gratis drinks and appetizers. Michelle Lantz made a real pitch. Probably she knew by calling for U Rotarians, “Under 35” she might be the only one there. Sounds fun.
Ken Beachler who never disappoints. Introduced MSU vocal performance major Sean Holland currently performing in Broadway and River Walk’s “Hairspray ” a musical by Marc Shairman and Scott Whittman. After hearing Franz Schubert’s “spring time” and “Run and tell that” from the musical it is obvious this talented young singer’s repertoire is limitless ranging from classical to Avant guard Rap-rock. A real ear treat.
Chair of the month Jordan Sutton gave up the MC duties to Justin Sheehan to cleverly introduce his friend, Lansing’s first lady Erin Schor. Mrs. Schor is married to our mayor with whom she shares the management of our fair city. He manages the important aspects such as world peace and international space exploration while she takes care of the rest judging by the number of commissions she heads-up. Her topic was the “Lansing Arts and Cultural Commission” whose current project is a Performing arts Center which is a 1500 seat auditorium that could meet the need for a smaller venue to showcase programs with a limited audience and seating, somewhere between the River Walk and the Wharton Center. The idea sounded good until questions brought out the evils of economics. Current cost evaluations run 60 million dollars plus and the need to be self-sustaining which she describes as “high in the sky” since the center can’t be guaranteed occupancy by the Lansing Symphony the primary cynosure. I think the word was “high” not “pie”. Charming and witty, Erin put the best face on it and just may make it happen.
Next week back home in the Lansing center for our annual Foundation meeting. See you all the there.
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Jun 28, 2019
at the Country Club of Lansing on Moores River Drive
Jul 05, 2019
Jul 12, 2019
We will meet at the Lansing Community College West Campus
Jul 19, 2019
at the Lansing Center
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Meeting Responsibilities
Chair of the Day
Person, John
Angel, Susan
June Birthday Chair
Draggoo, Sandy
Sanborn, Diane
Chair of the Month
Sutton, Jordan
Reynaert, Michelle