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When:  Friday, September 23, 2022
Where:  Lansing Community College, Downtown Campus, Michigan Room 
Speaker:  Julie Thomasma, CEO of Child & Family Charities
Chair of the Day:   Sheri Jones
Reflection:   Carmen Hall 
Editarian:   Lolo Robison 
Chair of the Month:  Rocco Rucinski 
Biography for Jo Sinha
Jo Sinha is the President and CEO of Peckham, a vocational rehabilitation organization that provides paid job training opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. With more than 3,000 employees, 11 locations, five social enterprises and more than 25 vocational rehabilitation services and programs, Sinha leads the award-winning organization’s mission, culture and overall business operations.
Sinha has been with Peckham for more than two decades serving in a variety of leadership roles within the company, including Project and Grants Manager, Corporate Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
Under Sinha’s leadership, Peckham has achieved significant growth and achievement across its line of businesses and federal contracts. Her demonstrated expertise includes successful implementation and creation of strategic partnerships to enable advanced job opportunities and upward mobility for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.
During her tenure, Sinha has championed innovative strategies that have grown Peckham’s footprint in other regions, created a new standard for universally designed facilities for those with barriers, and helped to expand and enrich human service programs and higher-wage jobs for its clients.
Sinha serves as a board member for Incompass Michigan, LEAP, House of Ruth, and co-chair of the NCSE 898 Pricing Committee. Sinha holds an MBA from Michigan State University.
New Member Proposed

The following proposed member has emailed their application to the office.  If anyone has a comment on this proposed member please forward it in writing within ten days to the Rotary office, before approval by the board of directors.  Thank you,

  • Bilky Joda-Miller, Founder and Owner of All Body Kneads, sponsored by Susan Angel
Editarian Report for September 8, 2022
President Millbrook pulled everyone in from their small group conversations and called the meeting to order. The moment of reflection was provided by Chris Holman. The patriotic song was The National Anthem.
After reciting the 4-Way Test, Pres. Millbrook invited Rotarians to introduce their guests. They included:
William McMillan introduced himself as a visiting Rotarian from East Lansing.
Michael Clark introduced J. R. Beauboeuf 
Brian Sturdivant, Fire Chief of Lansing introduced himself as a transferring Rotarian from Battle Creek.
Susan Angel introduced Bilky Joda-Miller, a future Rotarian.
Pres. Millbrook reported on the health of the club.
Announcements included:
- Thursday, Sept. 29 is our first Social Gathering at Lansing Brewing Company from 4:30 – 6 p.m. No meeting the following Friday, Sept. 30.
Special music featured John Dale Smith performing a light, jazzy version of Amazing Grace
Thanks to our Chair of the Day, David Trumpie, who spoke to the importance of Loftus Day and provided the introduction of Steve Roznowski, who honored Kelly Rossman-McKinney
Personal reflections included:
● Her impactful and successful career in communications from the State to her own personal firm, and finally as communications director with Attorney General Nessel.
● Her love of family, her grandchildren especially.
● Her time with Rotary. She coined the term, “Ovarian Rotarian,” joining in 1990 when there were very few women.
● Reflections on her career from Attorney General Nessel and Roznowski included her commitment to uplifting women to make the path easier than hers; service to a multitude of committees throughout the community; her joy in roasting past Rotarian presidents and the many admirers that never had a chance with her.
● A lesson from her passing: They didn’t see each other much in recent years, but when he found out she had cancer, he wanted to reach out to her. He thought there would be more time, and unfortunately, time ran out. He would liked to have had a moment to give support to his friend. Roznowski now resolves himself and encourages others to act when there is a friend or loved one that could use your support. Take the time.
● He noted an article written by Carol Cain in the Detroit Free Press, remembering her as one of many great “chicks in charge.”
● He always wanted to sing a particular song from the show Cheers to Kelly and took this opportunity to share it with Rotarians. Playing the guitar, he serenaded the group and allowed for a moment to remember Kelly Rossman-McKinney.
After a moment of remembrance with a tune from John Dale Smith, the group parted to deliver flowers to local cemeteries to honor Rotarians passed.
NEXT WEEK: We will meet again in the Michigan Room and our speaker will be Jo Sinha, President CEO of Peckham, Inc.
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Sep 23, 2022
at Lansing Community College
Sep 29, 2022
at Lansing Brewing Company, 518 Shiawassee
Oct 07, 2022
at Lansing Community College - Downtown Campus
Oct 21, 2022
at Lansing Community College - Michigan Room
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