Dues & Meals
The board met last month and came to the decision that we will be invoicing for dues only this quarter (April-June) which will be $83.00. If we are allowed to meet face to face prior to July 1, 2020, additional invoices will be sent out for the meals for the face to face meetings that are actually held in this quarter. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Until we resume our face to face meetings we hope you will attend our virtual meeting held each Friday at 12:25 on Zoom.
May 29, 2020
"New Auto No-Fault Law"
Jun 12, 2020
at the Lansing Center
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Rotary Club of Lansing
P. O. Box 13156
Lansing, MI   48901-3156
Meeting Responsibilities
Chair of the Day
Pingston, Julie
Mills, Sue
May Birthday Chair
Robison, Lolo
Sanborn, Diane
Reynaert, Michelle
Chair of the Month
Rathbun, E. Paul