Under 35 Membership Tier

The Rotary Club of Lansing offers an “Under 35 Membership” to encourage the next generation of leaders and service-driven individuals to become a part of one of the largest Rotary Clubs in the State of Michigan.
The Under 35 Membership offers a discounted membership fee which covers the quarterly dues and a portion of the luncheon cost. 

Under 35 Guidelines and Details:

  • 60% attendance is required to continue to qualify for the Under 35 Membership and will be measured on a quarterly basis. 
  • Under 35 members are expected to contribute to each of the following events: 
    • Paul Harris Month/Rotary International Fund (April)
    • Your Birthday Month 
    • Children’s Christmas Party (December)
  • Members can qualify as under 35 members for a maximum of three years or until the end of the quarter following their 35th birthday 

Happy R’s

Our Under 35 members also hold Happy Rs events. During regular meetings, these Rotarians host a happy hour at a local watering hole. These events offer the opportunity for members to hang out in a casual meet and greet atmosphere and network over cocktails and appetizers. 
Our Under 35 Membership Tier attracts up-and-coming professionals to ensure a legacy of diversity and get new perspectives in the Rotary Club of Lansing. 
Ask your sponsor or a current Rotarian about an Under 35 Membership to learn more.