The Technology Committee for the Lansing Rotary Club is comprised of club members with technical expertise in computers, network management and information technologies, as well as other members who are interested in promoting the use of technology within the club.

The primary goals of the Committee are threefold:

  • Provide technical guidance and support for the administrative office to enhance operations and increase productivity. This includes assisting with ClubRunner (the club's membership database), equipment, accounting software, office procedures, etc. 
  • Provide technical leadership to the club outlining various possibilities to enhance club operations through various technological innovations. Assisting the membership in evaluating alternatives, setting priorities and budgets for various technological enhancements.
  • Facilitate the building and maintenance of an Internet website that supports the club's mission and fits within prescribed budgets and the time constraints of the club's administrative offices. The site will satisfy the following primary goals: Provide a place for member communication and information such as upcoming events, meeting locations, speakers, special events, newsletters, etc. Provide a place for Public Relations information such as activities that the club is involved in, the mission of Rotary International and how our local club supports that mission.