The Attendance Committee has two functions:

  • Track and award perfect attendance recognition
  • Addresses a Rotarian's attendance when it falls below 60% for a quarter.

Perfect Attendance
A list of Rotarians with perfect attendance is maintained by Suzy Carter. Awards are presented quarterly, as a meeting agenda allows. A list of awards to be presented is given to the Administrative Secretary, who confirms that those Rotarians have maintained perfect attendance over the past 12 months. The list is adjusted if necessary and additions of new one-year award recipients are added. The list is then published in the Rotogram of the week they will be presented. Suzy holds the pins and prepares the awards.

Attendance below 60%
An attendance report is generated at the close of each quarter for general members with attendance below 60%. If it is a first time occurrence, a letter is sent to the member and signed by the Club Secretary and Attendance Committee Chair.