The Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) is a district 6360 program to help develop leadership skills among the young through a camp format experience. The RYLA program is an international program however the RYLA program developed by district 6360 is unique in the world for its specific youth leadership opportunities. This committee carries out the responsibilities delegated to it in the Club bylaws and any additional business referred by the Club President or Board of Directors.

What is the RYLA District Camp Experience?

Each year Rotary Clubs of District 6360, (which includes the Rotary Club of Lansing), have the opportunity to sponsor selected high school students to attend an all-expenses-paid leadership conference. The Rotary's (RYLA) program is for young leaders, emphasizing leadership, citizenship, and personal growth. Students are evaluated at the leadership camp and may be selected for more advanced leadership develop opportunities.

Students attending the RYLA Camp have a unique opportunity to:

  • Challenge themselves
  • Make new friends
  • Learn the qualities and skills of leadership
  • Learn what "trust" really means
  • Learn how to be a team member
  • Have fun creating strategies to overcome obstacle courses (depends on camp)

Committee Responsibilities Include:

  • Educating and informing the club about the RYLA program
  • Educating area high schools about the existence and benefits of the RYLA program
  • Notifying area high schools of the opportunity students have to participate in the RYLA program
  • Identifying RYLA student candidates
  • Evaluating completed student applications
  • Presenting the board with the candidates recommended to participate
  • Insuring that students selected are informed and committed to participating in the RYLA Camping experience

Committee Members are encouraged to visit the Rotary District 6360 website to learn more about RYLA and many other district programs.