I’ll give you my short version: I have been a Rotarian for 57 years with perfect attendance. I joined Rotary three weeks after I purchased my veterinary practice in Charlotte. I have been the Polio Plus chair for both my club and the District since 1987 when Rotary first took on the project. I’m a Past President (1985) and a Past District Governor (2003-04). I am a Paul Harris Fellow as are my wife and all of my children and their spouses. And now my four grandchildren are PHFs.
I retired from practice at Clinton Trail Animal Hospital in Jackson for the last 14 years of my work as a veterinarian.
Graduated from MSU veterinary school in 1963 and practiced one year in Kalamazoo before moving to Charlotte where I practiced for over 38 years and for 14 more years part time in Jackson.
I’ve been married to Linda, my childhood sweetheart for 61years. Since retiring, Rotary has become my avocation as I was District Secretary and webmaster for eleven year and am still District Communications Officer (DCO) for the District. My wife, Linda was the District Administrator for eleven years and retired as of December 31, 2014.