Michael Stratton is a psychotherapist, author, and DJ. He earned his Bachelors Degree from Aquinas College. After working for several years at St. Lawrence Hospital in Lansing on the psychiatric inpatient and the intensive outpatient units, he went on to get his Masters in Social Work from Michigan State University. He worked at Health Central and then Child and Family Services in their outpatient departments before establishing his own private practice in 1987. His current focus is on working with trauma, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse disorders.
Michael’s speaking career has taken him from Maui to Montreal giving talks on dreams, creativity, motivational interviewing, and recovery.
Requests from audiences to purchase a book he hadn’t yet written motivated Michael to craft the novel Everybody Dreams. Set in Lansing and East Lansing, the book depicts the formulation of a Dream Group by a local therapist who is troubled by her own disturbing dreams. His latest book, The Little Green Book (a guide to breaking up with marijuana), contains a diagnostic tool for assessing cannabis use as well as a partial memoir.
As a long-time music lover, Michael approached Lansing Community College in 1997 with the idea of hosting a classic jazz radio show. He hosted “The Vinyl Side of Midnight” for almost 20 years until WLNZ leased their airwaves to talk oriented Michigan Radio. Shortly after, he was approached by WKAR to begin broadcasting a similar styled show in East Lansing. Michael has hosted “A Groove Supreme” since Christmas night 2021.
Michael lives with his wife Cathie Blumer in downtown Lansing. His daughter, Maggie Gerich, is a partner in the Flanders/Gerich Real Estate Group. Michael and Cathie have three grandchildren. He is still in private practice in East Lansing.