Posted by Chris Swope
President Pat called us to order at 12:25 with the customary ringing of the bell, followed by Scott Keith’s invocation. The Club joined together to sing America the Beautiful. Lolo Robison was on mic duty. President Pat wondered why the Rotarian with the shortest legs had to do all the running, but Justin Sheehan pointed out that Dave O’Leary was not on the mic. Lolo added that her husband says her legs are perfect. Diane Sanborn gave an update on John Stephenson’s broken leg; she reported that Dennis Fliehman is recovering from surgery and that Bob Corwin had a small heart attack.
There were several announcements and reports.
• President Pat spoke about how successful the Member Reception at the Kellogg Center was and thanked those who assisted and those who attended
• J. Moore, Alexandra Souser, and Justin Sheehan spoke about the “Happy Rs” event that took place the prior evening focused on expanding Rotary membership. The social hour will be repeated every other Thursday from 5:17 to 7:17 p.m. Look for location announcements.
• President Pat recognized Gil Wanger for the “Abolitionist of the Century” award he received from Journey of Hope International Organization
• President Pat talked about our own Teresa Kmetz being featured on the December cover of Women’s LifeStyle Magazine
Ken Beachler introduced the special music of Alivia Young. Ms. Young is a senior at Haslett High School. She performed a love song and a spiritual song, both of which she had used in her audition at Michigan State University earlier in the day.
President Pat recognized Scott Keith for being Chair of the Month and Michelle Reynaert for being Chair of the Day.
Michelle (who is by the way the same age as Justin Sheehan) introduced Lou Little, the CEO of Sparrow Specialty Hospital. Mr. Little gave a very informative talk about Post-Acute Care Services, and how it fits in with the other services of Sparrow Hospital.
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