President Hanes called the first meeting of the new year to order; Chris Swope provided the invocation and the assembled Rotarians sang a patriotic song. Lolo Robinson facilitated the introduction of guests and several visiting Rotarians, including a few membership prospects. Diane Sanborn reported on the health of the club and spoke passionately in support of the upcoming District 6360 WASH Committee trip to the Dominican Republic from Feb. 13-20. If interested in participating, contact Cathy. Kudos were given to Dave Trumpie for his great photography of the Children’s Christmas party, to John Dale Smith for his talented piano playing, and Kevin Schumacher, who will be footing the bill for anyone under 35 who is hungry for the fuel that Rotary provides. Continuing the hosting/social resolutions, Julie Pingston invited all Rotarians to a social gathering Wednesday, Jan. 22, 5-7pm, in the Red Cedar Room of the Kellogg Center; RSVP to Cathy. As the weather gets cold, you can pull out your copy of the latest GLCVB magazine, which features the beach of Rotary Park on the cover, and dream of summer days that are just 6 months away. Shout-outs ensued for Irv Nichols (dad of a movie star), Barb Whitney (essay-author extraordinaire), and the December Birthday Rotarians who were, once again, forgotten in the holiday mayhem. No worries, we’re used to it. Still, 67% of us Capricorns gave $765 to-date. Guilt-laden, those assembled sang a piano-less version of happy birthday while the happy-go-lucky b-day gang ate “special brownies”.
Bob Hoffman served as chair of the day, supporting Chair of the Month, Scott Keith, and introducing Ceci Bordayo, singer/songwriter and overall remarkable woman. Her message focused on the topic “One Person’s Story is Someone Else’s Hope”. Despite all the challenges Ceci has faced, she remains very much hopeful, and laser-focused on providing hope and opportunities for others. She began by singing a personal song called “House of Secrets” which she wrote to tell the story of the sexual abuse and secrets she and her siblings endured while growing up in Lansing. A graduate of Eastern High School, Ceci and her twin sister lived at 17 different addresses, but her church in North Lansing was her constant. It’s where she first played the drums, then the piano, and became a songwriter. Today, that church has an adjacent building that Ceci is working to turn into the “Pass It On Community Center”, complete with theater and so much more, aimed at cultivating and supporting the dreams and opportunities of our area’s youth. Her vision was really made clear over the past two years, after she spoke at a Lansing Storyteller’s event, on Growing Up. In March of 2019 she sang at “Pass the Mic” - which drew 120 ppl but still focused on each ONE that was there. Her message, that opportunities change our circumstances, was delivered with passion and a clarity that can only come from having lived through all that she has endured. She’s a survivor, a champion, an advocate, a leader, and now, a fundraiser, as she launches the Power of One campaign on February 1st. To explore how you can help, contact Ceci today.
Next week: (1/17/2020) we’ll meet again at LCC, Gannon Building, to hear from Bob Every, Executive Director, Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame.
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