Posted by Michelle Reynaert
President Julie Pingston pulled everyone in from their small group conversations and called the meeting to order on the most serious and significant of occasions…our annual Changing of the Guard. The invocation– a reflection on life goals by Mother Theresa - was provided by Curly-Kelly Rossman-McKinney. A medley of Patriotic songs featuring fireworks, music and cheering around Cinderella’s Castle at Disney (President Julie’s 2nd home) launched us into the big ending/big beginning that today’s meeting represents.
Almost-Past-President Pingston welcomed visiting Rotarians and guests. Diane Sanborn shared the health of the club is excellent but suggested building a Rotary Ark and gathering our animals 2 by 2 if the rain doesn’t stop soon. Nick Heriford reported on June Birthdays; Rotarians another year older/wiser have given $500 in gifts to the Foundation with 65% participation to-date. Pat Hanes, our Rotary Hero, was recognized at the District event last night, at which Jack Draper, Frank Tegge and Rick Guilford were remembered among the Rotarians lost this past year. Todd Gute’s next adventures were noted and Captain Chris Chamberlain was highlighted for continued success of the family boating business.
Nearly Done President Pingston shared calendar Items. July 9 = Rotary Park Social Gathering from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, July 15 = Taste of Italy 2.0 @5pm via ZOOM. Friday, July 16 = return to in-person meetings; please be patient while logistics and details are worked out given our ever-changing conditions.
Kevin Schumacher kicked off the two-part program for the day. Part 1 was a Star Wars/Ferris mash-up ode to Princess Julie and the new Pingston Collection on display at the Lansing Art Gallery, which has drawn many visitors - some critical, some questioning, and all inspired by Julie’s leadership. This limited engagement exhibit won’t last long before it travels the world. Part 2 featured special music by Lisa Smith and the Woo-Woo Boys (three background singers who looked vaguely familiar) in tribute to the strong and invincible Julie Pingston, who can do anything. They also sang a little prayer for Sue as she steps into the leadership of our Club; heaven knows she’ll need it – corralling this crew is like herding flies.
Finally-Finished President Pingston reflected on the 42 of 43 meetings she hosted on zoom, her desire to turn her camera OFF, her appreciation to the Board Members – particularly Susan Angel, David Trumpie, and Pat Hanes who are ending their terms on the Board - Jennifer Marsh for her treasurer role, John Cauley as secretary/side-kick, John Dale for his creativity, and so many other Rotarians for a million moments that shaped her time at the helm of our Club. Her delight to be headed back in-person (or just be done with this and go to tap-dancing at Disney World) was evident as she passed the gavel to Shiny-New-Penny President Sue Hansen.
Pretty-Ready President Hansen thanked Peace-Out-President Pingston and shared her excitement for the year ahead. Social commentary ensued as the meeting adjourned officially at 1:12pm. For those interested, Pat Hanes is now available for dance lessons (whether he’s giving or getting them seems unclear).
NEXT WEEK: We will NOT meet on Friday, July 2 due to the Independence Holiday weekend. (Queue fireworks).
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