Posted by Brian Taylor
On Friday November 6th the Rotarians met again via zoom to enjoy each other’s company. We were divided into our assigned chat rooms by President Julie Pingston and after some time together in groups we were rejoined to begin the meeting at 12:31 with the ringing of the commencement bell. The meeting started with 58 participants and beautiful record breaking weather outside.
The invocation was offered by Jennifer Marsh with a focus on community and our impact on those around us. The invocation was followed up by the patriotic song “America the Beautiful” with a lovely rendition performed by Megan Magsarilli on vocals and Gabriel Moreau on the piano from the MSU School of Music.
Julie then proceeded to recognize visitors and we were also able to meet some new application members. Diane Sanborn informed us of the “pretty healthy” state of the club with the note that Sandra Draggoo had fallen and broke her wrist but is on the road to recovery.
Julie Pingston also provided the special music number with the selection of “Keep on the Sunny Side” performed by the Carter Family. It was a great song with a reminder to be positive despite what may be around us.
Janet Lillie introduced our speaker, Dr. Claire Hankenson, Director of Campus Animal Resources and Attending Veterinarian at MSU. This was Dr. Claire Hankenson’s first rotary meeting and she spoke on the extremely timely and interesting topic of “Veterinary Medicine Impacts on Human Health During Covid-19”. After a somewhat less than savory discussion on pig earwax and parasites (YUCK!) we were treated to the wonderful work that Dr. Hankenson and MSU are providing as relief efforts with sanitation and decontamination of much needed N95 masks. The MSU research of comparative medicine and the HaloFogger provided a wonderful avenue to change the use of existing equipment in the effort to reuse N95 masks. By setting aside existing rooms for VHP (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide) they are able to decontaminate up to 70,000 masks per week. All work has been under guidance of the FDA with recent approval to decontaminate each mask up to 3 times before disposal.
It was a great opportunity to hear some of the wonderful work being done in our own backyard at the University. There were a plethora of questions which began at 1:18 and proceeded until the ringing of the bell at 1:30.
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