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A number of years ago, good friends of my wife and I were getting married. It was Saturday am and another mutual friend called me and asked what could we do today with Fred before his 5pm wedding. After several minutes and some off the wall ideas, we decided on a simple idea, let’s kidnap Fred. Fred’s future brother in law was a pilot and he gave us directions from the air to Fred’s house on the golf course about an hour drive from my house. We chartered a helicopter and I told the pilot our plan to land on the golf course behind Fred’s house. The pilot asked if we had permission to land and I said yes (I wasn’t a Rotarian yet as it was not the truth). We landed on the golf course, jumped out of the helicopter and grabbed Fred, he was unsure what was happening and his non-English speaking housekeeper was in disbelief at what just happened. The golfers on the hole were amazed as well. Since Fred was unprepared for this adventure, Payless Shoe store was our 1st stop after landing as Fred did not have shoes or a wallet. While at the bar, Fred contacted his future brother in law to bring his tux to our house. Fred’s fiancé called my wife and wanted (actually demanded) to know what I did with her future husband. Fortunately for me, my wife did not know as I didn’t tell her. Even though she is not a Rotarian, she would tell the truth as she can’t keep a secret.
After spending a few hours in the bar, the wedding time was near and Fred had a few too many cocktails. I drove to our house and since he needed to sober up, throwing him in our pool seemed like a great idea. Fortunately, Fred survived the pool time and somewhat sobered up. Fred made it to the wedding with a few minutes to spare but sent a taxi 60 miles one way to his house to pick up his contact lenses. Needless to say, at the wedding and reception (and several months thereafter) Fred’s wife wasn’t pleased with me. Today we can joke about it and the story has been shared with their children. Who am I?