The Musical Theatre Touring Company is a group of elite students from MSU's Musical Theatre immersion program who will take musical theatre performances on the road and across the country as part of a collaboration with the Wharton center and MSU's Department of Theatre.

"The students will have more opportunities to hone their craft, present material in a variety of performance venues, and continue to grow as artists," said Brad Willcuts, Assistant Professor of Theatre.
The Musical Theatre Touring Company will perform regionally and be available for alumni organizations and related events across the country.  The group was created in a way to allow it to be shaped for various occasions.  "We chose to create a musical theatre company because it can appeal to various organizations including those not necessarily familiar with theatre in general," Willcuts said.  "Musicals can reach all sorts of people, groups, and events.  This touring company could feasibly perform for a very large range of events since the range of musical styles is equally as large".
The Musical Theatre Touring Company is under the direction of Brad Willcuts and Alisa Hauser with musical direction by Dave Wendelberger.   It features students Anna Birmingham, Emma Callis, Jacob Covert, Sarah Davis, Katelyn Hodge, Lukas Jacob, Taylor McPhail, Melanie Vandenberg, and Max Sanders.