Foundation of the Rotary Club of Lansing


In 1996 the Foundation Board determined that the major emphasis for future grants would be for Signature Projects. Signature Projects require a minimum of $10,000 and meet the following criteria:

  - Significant - projects of size, within the means and purpose of the Foundation
  - Make a Difference - projects that carry noticeable impact for the community, and enhance/develop an important aspect of the community
  - Lasting Effect - projects whose effect will be durable and permanent, and whose direct benefit extends beyond one year, at the minimum
  - Meets Rotary's Mission of Service - projects which enhance the image and identification of the club, both internally and externally, and gives the members a strong sense of meaningful service

Grant Policies:

  - Grants will be made only to organizations and groups that are qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or to churches, schools, governmental units or to another Rotary Club
  - Grants will not be made directly to individuals
  - Normally grants will not be made to cover operational expenses or salaries
  - Normally grants will be made only to support special, definitive projects by a qualified organization