Posted by Kevin V. B. Schumacher
In the Rotogram’s continuing effort to make Rotary relevant, the powers that be were approached by one Mark Hooper (you know, the guy who can count, sing and who introduced spooning to Rotary) with an interesting idea. Mark heard an editarian tell some tall tales one Friday and suggested, “Hey, what about a Mystery Rotarian story where a Rotarian’s story is written up in the Rotogram and people have to guess who the Rotarian is?” I thought the idea had merit and if it didn’t I could throw Hooper under the bus (win!).
So, here’s how it works: you all have interesting stories that none of us know, but that could possibly shed light on who you are and help the rest of us get to know you better. Since most of us live lives of quiet misery, I’ll of course juice up your story a bit, adding just enough flavor to make your life sound interesting (with your permission and final edit sayso). Stories would be one paragraph long (just a bit longer than this blurb), published in the Rotogram and then let the guessing games begin! Guessing would be conducted online through the Lansing Rotary FaceBook page, with the Rotarian who correctly identifies the Mystery Rotarian winning something, I don’t know, maybe a gallon of paint from O’Leary or a spoon from Hooper. “What can my story be about?” you ask? How should I know, they’re your stories. But, suggested story lines could include: working on mysteries without any clues; road trips; my dinner with Salvador Dali; my life as a Tibetan Monk. Anyway, if interested, contact we’ll write one up and see if there’s any interest. If this falls flat, we’ll know who to blame (Hooper).