Posted by Meghan Martin on Aug 23, 2022
President Millbrook pulled everyone in from their small group conversations and called the meeting to order. The moment of reflection was provided by Pam Miklavcic (provided at the end of this report). The patriotic song was God Bless America.
After reciting the 4-Way Test, Pres. Millbrook invited Rotarians to introduce their guests. They included:
Ben Rathbun introduced his “better half,” Lillian Werbin
Missy Lilje introduced her successor as executive director of Happendance, Rachel Miller
Kim Garland introduced her boss, Dr Holly Seabury, Delta Dental Foundation
Susan Angel introduced Juan Lopez, Titanium Home Improvement and Bilky Joda-Miller, Massage Therapist.
Tim Lee introduced himself as a visiting Rotarian
Katie Krick introduced Lt. Brian Labor Relations Dept of the Michigan State Police
Pres. Millbrook reported on the health of the club. Kelli Ellsworth-Etchison’s mother, Mrs. Bernice Ellsworth, age 86, passed away Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022 at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland.
Announcements included:
- Parker informed the club of the Publicity/PR Committee and ask for participation in creating posts. The goal is to attract more members and help the world see the work of Rotarians.
- Raeanne Mardigian was given her red badge, sponsored by Chris Holman 
- Ben Rathbun gave his “New Member” report, highlights include:
- Ben is proud to follow in his father, Paul Rathbun’s, steps in joining Rotary.
- He grew up locally and found his degrees and certifications locally as well.
- His insurance agency, Rathbun Insurance, has been built on multiple generations and works to diversify the insurance industry through his mentorship program.
- He is involved in multiple agencies, including Ele’s Place, working with kids to get through loss. He is a part of the board of directors at Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center. He launched his own foundation with his partner, Lillie, in an effort to “do good.”
- Sandy Draggoo gave an update on Rotary Foundation activities. New policies and procedures can be found on Club Runner.
Special music featured Ron Newman and Ed Fedewa performing standards, “My Romance,” by the same composer as “My funny valentine “Softly as a Morning Sunrise, from the movie Dumbo.
Thanks to our Chair of the Month/Day, Katie Krick, who provided the introduction of Inspector Jason Nemecek with the Michigan State Police (MSP).
Insp. Nemecek spoke on "Equity and Inclusion with the MSP – Strategies to be Inclusive"
Highlights include:
● DEI programs and initiatives by the MSP
● How programs influence recruitment efforts
● The MSP took an oath to protect everyone in Michigan and their hope is to put these efforts forward to be more inclusive and to keep people safe.
Jason's power point is at the end of the Rotogram beneath "Download Files"
NEXT WEEK: We will meet again at the Country Club, our speaker will be Megan Doherty, President at F. D. Hayes Electric.
The reflection that Miklavcic read in honor of today’s speakers:
Gracious Creator, Let us live in peace.
Let children live in peace, In homes free from brutality and abuse.
Let them go to school in peace, Free from violence and fear.
Let them play in peace, in safe parks, in safe neighborhoods; Watch over them.
Let husbands and wives live in peace, In marraiges free from cruelty.
Let men and women work in peace; protect us, Oh Creator, In the air, on the seas, whatever road we take.
Let nations dwell together in peace, Without threat of war hovering over them.
Help us, Oh Creator.
Teach all people of all races and faiths, In all countries all over the world, That the peace that seems so far off is in fact within our reach.
Let us live in peace, Oh Loving Creator, and let us say Amen.
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