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Sue Hansen called the virtual meeting to order with the ring of the bell at 12 p.m.
For the invocation, Jenn Dubey invoked a blessing of Rotary fellowship, and prayed for all to be made aware of the deeper significance of our meeting as we develop friendships, and build compassion and understanding. She asked that our dedication to Rotary serve to radiate into our club and throughout our community; that we see the invocation as a conversation and that we believe that the Lord hears our prayer and cares about our requests. Jenn gave thanks for our family of Rotarians and for today’s speaker. Finally, she asked that our time together today be blessed.
Sue announced that President Julie Pingston would not be in attendance today, because her husband Steve underwent hip-replacement surgery the day before. She reported that his surgery went well, and that he was expected to be released this afternoon.
Next, John Dale Smith played the patriotic song, America the Beautiful. There were no visitors today. Diane Sanborn reported on the health of the club. She asked that we keep Julie and her husband in our thoughts. She also announced that Chris Chamberlain had a daughter Dec. 1. Her name is Lucy Irene. She arrived about four weeks early and is still in the neonatal intensive care unit. Lucy Irene weighed in at 5 lbs. 10 oz., and is 11 inches in length. Congratulations to the family!
Sue announced that the annual meeting of the club would get underway. She reported that we would need a third of the membership in attendance, which we successfully achieved.
Jennifer Marsh gave the treasurer’s report, indicating that 2020 was a challenging year financially. Fortunately for our club, we started the calendar year in January 2020 with cash reserves in the amount of $150,000. By Rotary year-end 2020, we had cash reserves of $125,000.We realized that the dues portion of our membership fees had not been covering the dues charged to us from the District and Rotary International, and we raised the dues portion of our quarterly membership payment. As of our last statement, dated Oct. 31, 2020, we had cash reserves of $105,000, with membership dues still outstanding to collect, meaning there is more cash to receive. While we have a deficit again this year, it should not be as hefty. We look forward to the upcoming COVID-19 vaccines and the ability to get our meetings back to normal. Pat Munshaw moved to approve the report; seconded by Michelle Lantz. Motion carried by unanimous vote of the membership.
As Past President, Pat Hanes carried on the tradition of serving as Nomination Committee Chair. The committee – which consists of two board members, all of our officers and some past presidents – went through the list of people qualified for officer, director and president elect positions. The committee then polled potential nominees to ensure their willingness to serve, if elected. As is common in corporate governance, Rotary members elect directors, and directors elect officers. The Nomination Committee put forth a slate of three directors – Janet Lillie, Lolo Robison and Chris Swope. If elected, their terms would start July 1, 2021. Until then, they will be referred to as director elects. They will be invited to join our board meetings three months prior to the start of their term. As chair of the Nomination Committee, Pat moved that the membership accept the slate of directors as presented, cast a ballot for them and close the nominations; seconded by Diane Sanborn. Motion carried unanimously by electronic ballot.
The nomination committee named Courtney Millbrook as president elect, starting July 1, 2021. The board had discussed her candidacy and unanimously elected her.
Dennis Fliehman moved to adjourn the annual meeting; seconded by Mark Hooper.  Motion carried.
Sue reported on Rotarians Doing Great Things, indicating that an email was sent regarding holiday donations for special-needs students at Gardner Elementary. The holiday celebration will be next week, and will feature music, sentiments from Rotarians and our best/worst holiday garb.
For special music, the spotlight was on Jazz Alliance of Mid-Michigan, featuring organissimo and a finger-snapping, toe-tapping beat. Sue announced that they perform live every Sunday night at 7 p.m., providing grants to mid-Michigan artists.
Chair of the Month Jennifer Marsh introduced today’s speaker, Hunter Sullivan, assistant store director of the Capital City Market. The market was just recognized this week in the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Celebration of Regional Growth Awards. The market is a community treasure. Mr. Sullivan has resided in the mid-Michigan region for many years. He opened all three of the Meijer market-format stores, including the Bridge Street Market in Grand Rapids in 2014.
Capital City Market opened Oct. 14, 2020, brought to the region by Meijer. It is a neighborhood grocery store. The store’s three basic pillars are fresh, local and value. The Market brings fresh products to the store seven days a week from both Meijer Distribution Center and local farms. Market staff connected with Allen Neighborhood and MSU, which led to relationships with and rewarding opportunities for numerous local vendors. Currently, the Capital City Market offers 3,000 local products!
Value makes the market a place to shop for everyone. The market offers a unique shopping experience, and features fresh, daily made sushi, Apple Blossom Kombucha, Ferris Coffee and so much more. Walkability makes the market accessible and adds to its appeal. A built-in dog park with video monitoring are additional highlights. Shipt serves the store as well. Capital City Market supports local 5Ks and golf outings, school initiatives, among other activities. The Market has 100 parking spots, accessible from Larch or East Michigan Avenue. The lofts include 42 apartments, and the Courtyard Marriott will offer 121 hotel rooms. Please follow Capital City Market @capitalcitymkt on Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat.
As a reminder, next Friday’s meeting (Dec. 11) will include the Holiday Program. The club will not meet again until Friday, Jan. 8, 2021. See everyone next year. Till then, please stay safe!
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