Posted by Lolo Robison
We came, we divided and conquered, and a rousing good time was had by all at the Social Gathering of Rotarians Thursday, Feb. 23rd. There were appetizers and drinks aplenty, and the conversations were extra special, because we had the opportunity to meet freshly minted Rotarians who’d just completed their New Member Orientation.
As a former Society Page editor, I’ll share event highlights from that perspective.
Ever the hostess with the mostest, Cathy Andrews encouraged Rotarians in attendance to eat, drink and be merry, and we gladly obliged.
There was talk of mentoring opportunities. Anyone interested in engaging new members in the important role of helping them learn the ropes and get involved, reach out to Membership Committee co-chairs Kevin Schumacher and Chris Swope.
Speaking of Chris Swope, he sported a gorgeous new high-and-tight ’do … just in time for his trip with husband Bradly Rakowski to Puerto Vallarta. Bon voyage, fellas!
I had the pleasure of sitting with Craig Stiles for a bit. I’ve often seen him at our regular Friday afternoon meetings but never actually had a chance to get to know him. He and his wife have eleven (yes, eleven) children! They live on a farm, and when Susan Angel mentioned that a friend raises egg-laying hens, we learned that Craig does as well. We discussed the deliciousness of freshly laid eggs and why hens sometimes don’t produce any (it may be the chicken feed). Craig also told us about how the best Thanksgiving turkey he’s ever eaten came right from his farm. Living off the land truly has its benefits.
Many talked about the Feb. 13 shooting tragedy at MSU. Our community is still reeling from it. Understandably, many expressed sadness and heartache over what students and first responders endured. It’ll take time for all of us to heal.
Susan Angel hatched a plan for a spring disco event, and sprung it on an unsuspecting Terry Terry to host it at Urban Beat in Old Town. He was a good sport about it, and ran through a list of upcoming live music events that just might fit the bill. We’ll all be putting on our dancing shoes very soon. Without a doubt, Rebecca Bahar-Cook and I won’t miss an opportunity to get on the dance floor and boogie with good friends.
Those among the last to leave the social gather got a chance to catch up with Nicole Noll-Williams and her husband, Keith. A passerby pegged Keith as a man of the cloth. He asked for a blessing, which Keith graciously gave.
No one is sure how much longer winter will last, but we’ve all got a bad case of spring fever. Still, there was a positive vibe in the air, with talk of whosits and whatsits and wheresits. Whatever you do and wherever your adventures take you, please be safe.
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