Posted by Kevin V. B. Schumacher
We started as usual with Courtney Millbrook calling us to order and the recitation of the 4 way test. I must say, when listening on Zoom, this sounds like an ominous late 9th century Gregorian chant. Brenda Geoghan gave a from the heart reflection with a beautiful reflection on her mother Miako, summer Buddhist Camp experience, and a thousand steps. We then sang the Star Spangled Banner accompanied by wonderful piano work (I would give credit, but couldn’t see from Zoom who was playing).
We had a bevy of guests in attendance. Health of the club included Don Colizzi’s brain tumor and Helen Mickens’ recent fall updates. No calls please, but I assume cards and good healing vibes are always welcome. Red badges for new members were handed out to Sarah Kingsley and Justin Stojsih. Welcome to the Club! Parker Sessa nailed it with the February Birthday, hitting 100% participation in birthday contributions for the second month in a row! It is “game on” for March birthtarians! Parker’s question was to reflect on best Valentine’s Day memories. Uma wrote his name in the snow for Suseela. Craig Stiles said I have 10 kids, we’re way past date night memories here (I’m just kidding, I don’t know what Craig said).
Sandy Dragoo introduced our first Foundation Grant Recipient speaker, Jennifer from Gardner Magnet Schools in Lansing. Our foundation gave $10,000 to Gardner which employed the funds for swimming safety experiences for their students. Everything from noodles and life preservers to a platform for safe entry into the water was acquired with the grant funds. Our second speaker was Amanda Sherlip and she zoomed in to present for Hands Across the Sea. Hands Across the Sea focuses on literacy in the West Indies, providing not only books, but curriculum and infrastructure support to promote literacy. Our club partnered with two other Rotary clubs to support literacy initiatives at the Stanley Odlum school in St. Lucia. You can learn more about Hands Across the Sea here.
Special music today was Dr. J ( Jonathan TenBrinke) from LCC. His first song was a Bach Christmas Oratory. Yeah, I know, were a few months early for Christmas in July, but this was pretty cool. Definitely Bach. His second song, I couldn’t tell you the name of it for love nor money, but it was all emo from start to finish.
Our speaker of the day was Laura Appel, introduced by Anne Cauley. She filled us in with the challenges facing health care state wide. Michigan has approximately 208,000 total jobs in health care and right now, there are more than 30,000 open positions, including 8,500 for nurses alone. That’s right, more than 10% of the total health care job market needs to be filled! The Michigan Health and Hospital Association represents 162 facilities, 135 of which are hospitals. Regrettably I can’t give you more details than that because I lost my zoom connection in the Copper Country. If you’re interested, I made a short Yooper video version of this report to make up for my shortcomings which you can access here.
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