Posted by Kevin V. B. Schumacher
1.  This will take you to the Rotary documents section of our website (yes!  We have a website!)
2.  Click on the Rotary Jeopardy power point file and it will open on your computer
3.  You see where it says SLIDE SHOW on the top?  Click on that.
4.  Now, upper left hand corner, look for "from the beginning" and click on that
5.  Et voila!  Rotary Jeopardy!
6.  Hit the space bar with your mouse and the Rotary Jeopardy Game Board will appear!
7.  Say out loud, "Kevin (or Alex), I'll take Presidents for $100."
8.  Click on the $100 and an "answer" will appear on screen.
9.  Think for a moment, then respond out loud at your desk, at work, "Who is - blank-".
10.  Click the blue "answer" button to see if you're correct.
11.  The screen will change and you can see if you asked the right question!
12.  Click the "home" button to return to the game board and keep on playing ROTARY JEOPARDY!
13.  Always remember to phrase your response in the form of a question.  After all, This is Jeopardy!
14.  "But Kevin, I'm terrible at tech and board games and this is way too intimidating just to find out what happened at last
   week's meeting."  Editarian Response:  email all editarian complaints to