Rotary Club of Lansing Community Projects

Our service projects are at the heart of who we are as an organization.

The projects we choose reflect our mission of "Service Above Self" and are projects we feel will have a significant impact on the community at the time of their completion and well into the future. It's important to us as an organization that our projects have a long-term impact on Lansing and its residents.
The first tracked Rotary Club donations were made in 1917/18 to the Belgium Children's Milk Relief Fund and to the Red Cross for a total of $502.
Since then, some of our more notable projects both locally and nationally include:
Impression 5 Science Center
A grant of $250,000 was awarded to Impression 5 Science Center. This grant helped them create a two-story water exhibit aimed at helping children and families explore all of the wonders of our most precious natural resource.
Providing clean drinking water is a global goal of Rotary International and this local hands-on exhibit called “Flow” highlights the importance of water in a fun an immersive way.
The Rotary Clock Tower Gift of $150,000
A grant of $250,000 was awarded to the City of Lansing to build the Rotary Clock Tower. This new Lansing Landmark was dedicated to the people of Lansing in honor of our city’s 150th year as Michigan’s capital and accepted by Mayor David Hollister.
Rotary Club of Lansing spearheaded the planning of the Sesquicentennial celebration including a parade and other events to celebrate Lansing’s rich history.
Rotary Park Riverfront Project Gift of $1.8M
A grant of $250,000 was awarded to the City of Lansing to build the Rotary Park Riverfront Project. This project helped beautify a highly trafficked area of Lansing, adding a beach, seating, and lights along the riverfront walk.
The park features a community gathering place on downtown Lansing’s riverfront for residents and visitors to enjoy gathering along the urban beach, electric forest, outdoor fireplace and enhanced riverfront. Rotary Park has become a destination location for community members as well as out of town visitors.