Make a Donation

The Rotary Club of Lansing is one of the largest Rotary Clubs in Michigan and in this District. One thing we do very well is provide grants and funding to hard working and underfunded organizations. Additionally, we financially support major projects locally and abroad. As part of the global mission of Rotary International, we promote peace, grow local economies, and work to complete projects that will help us change our communities and the world. 

Through donations, we create monumental projects with lasting impacts, but we are always looking for added support to help us achieve our goals. 
Whether you’re a member of the Rotary Club of Lansing, or a member of the community who wishes to support the many impactful projects and causes that the Lansing Rotary Foundation undertakes annually, you can donate here. 

A minimal financial obligation is part of the membership requirements for the Lansing Rotary Club. Rotarians are required to give 3 times a year:
•    Paul Harris Month/Rotary International Fund (April)
•    Your Birthday Month 
•    Holiday Children's Party (December)
Donations during Paul Harris month focus on funding large, international projects the most visible of which is the goal of eradicating polio across the world. 
Make your Paul Harris donation through the Rotary International site found here.
Make your Birthday and Children's Holiday Party, or other donations by clicking the link below