Make-Up Schedule

A big part of your Rotary experience happens at the Friday Club meetings. Your meeting participation will help you get to know other members and feel more engaged. The Rotary Club of Lansing knows that at least a 50% attendance record will help you feel like your membership is worthwhile and, therefore, we hope you can set aside an hour and a half on Fridays at least two to three times a month for lunch, comradery, and engaging programs.
If you cannot attend on a specific day or want to get more out of your membership, you can visit other clubs and it will count as a make-up meeting for your attendance record. Let your club administrator know when you have done a makeup meeting. You will have to pay for your meal as you visit other clubs, but the fellowship far outweighs the meal cost. Attending meetings in other states and even other countries can be a very informative and worthwhile experience.

Traveling Afar

One other benefit of being a Rotarian is that you are part of an international service club. You can attend a meeting at any club in the world and feel welcome. If you are on vacation and want to see what is happening in other communities, ask your club administrator for a Rotary Club of Lansing flag to give to the club you visit as a gift.

Local Clubs to Visit and Make-Up Meeting Locations

If you’d like to get to know other Rotarians around the area or just make up a missed meeting, you can choose from the list below for a list of local club locations and details. Note: The following schedule may be impacted by the COVID pandemic.

East Lansing – 12:00 @ University Club Ballroom

Haslett/Okemos – 12:00 @ Meridian Township Board Room, 5151 Marsh Road
Delta Waverly – 12:15 p.m. @ Quality Suites Hotel – Delta Commerce Drive
Williamston – 7:15 AM @ Brookshire Inn – 205 W. Church Street

Grand Ledge – 12:00 @ The Opera House
South Lansing – 12:00 @ Buddies’ Grill, 2040 Aurelius Road, Holt

Lansing/Dewitt Sunrise 7:30 AM @ Capital City Airport
Mason – 12:00 @ Above Best Sellers Book Shop – downtown Mason